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Kizuna Box
Exploring Japan's seasons, festivals and culture through authentic lifestyle items and snacks!
Piquant Post
Unique, freshly-ground spice blends paired with chef-developed recipes in a monthly box!
Gusto di Roma

Curated selection of ready-to-eat Italian small bites that's different every month

The WanderAway Box brings the travel experience to your doorstep.
Malinka Box
Monthly subscription of snacks from Russia and other parts of Eastern Europe!
International Meal Kits by Takeout Kit
Delivering unique, international meal kits every month!
Spice Madam

A global spice, recipe, and culture subscription box!


Monthly subscription box featuring candy, chocolates, and more from around the world!

Discover delicious flavors from around the world with this subscription!
Delivering curated boxes of premium snacks and teas sourced from Japan!

Quintessential British lifestyle gifts to your door...Direct from the UK. Ships worldwide

The Russia Box
Authentic Russian, Soviet, Slavic and Eastern European snacks and lifestyle items delivered to you!
A monthly mystery box filled with Korean snacks and goodies!
Macarons Box. Cookie Subscription to your door. French Macaroons Monthly !
Spicery Recipe Kits
Discover new recipes and share amazing food every month!

Explore the world one country at a time!

Delivering monthly international snack boxes to your door step! FREE SAME DAY SHIPPING!
Exploration Crate
A monthly subscription box of snacks and candies from around the world!
Korean Snack Box
Get a bag with up to 20 premium Korean Snacks and Candy items every month from Korea.
Rose War Panty Power
An organic monthly period, beauty, and lifestyle subscription box!
Manga Spice Cafe

We're a manga cafe in a box! Get new monthly manga, Asian snacks & drinks delivered to your door!

Leading Mexican snacks and candy subscription service that ships to you monthly.
Exotic Noods
Specialty noodles on autopilot.

Your Introduction to New International and Indie Snacks!

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Discover food from around the world with our international food subscription boxes. These food boxes give you a taste of foreign foods all from the comfort of your own home. Have an adventurous sweet tooth? You need to try our must-have boxes with candy from around the world. You’ll find sweet treats that have crossed borders and oceans to end up in your box! If you like the basics then here’s our list of candy subscription boxes that deliver chocolates, sour candies, cookies, and so much more. The best way to make your meals taste exotic is with our spices and sauces subscription boxes. Add a dash of spice or drizzle a new sauce and dig in!