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Calming Scent-Sation Photo 1Calming Scent-Sation Photo 1
Calming Scent-Sation
Relax and unwind with a Calming Scent-Sation
From $10.00 / box
BE Essentials Photo 1BE Essentials Photo 1
BE Essentials
1 review
Get your personal essentials delivered every month along with some positive affirmations!
From $26.00$23.40 / box
Vegan Organic Essential Oil Photo 1Vegan Organic Essential Oil Photo 1
Vegan Organic Essential Oil
2 reviews
Vegan & Cruelty Free Living. Luxury non - toxic products delivered monthly.
From $17.50 / box
Craft Kitsune Photo 1Craft Kitsune Photo 1
Craft Kitsune
18 reviews
Monthly craft supply kits featuring unique crafting mediums.
From $29.99 / box
Crunchy Mama Box Photo 1Crunchy Mama Box Photo 1
Crunchy Mama Box
10 reviews
Self-care Gift Boxes to make you feel loved and cared for, with eco-friendly, beautiful items!
From $39.99 / box
Sixth Scents Photo 1Sixth Scents Photo 1
Sixth Scents
4 reviews
100% PURE Essential Oil Set, 6 HIGHEST QUALITY Oils, Delivered Each Month
From $25.00 / box
Cozy Glow Photo 1Cozy Glow Photo 1
Cozy Glow
Carefully created, quality Cozy Glow soy candles and home fragrance.
From £7.58 / box
Noture Photo 1Noture Photo 1

by Notúre

6 reviews
Self-care and soul nourishment
From $36.45$32.81 / box
Palbox Photo 1Palbox Photo 1

by PalBox

7 reviews
A Quarterly Freedom and Justice Gift Box supporting Palestinian freedom
From $99.75 / box
Planner Cutie Stickers Photo 1Planner Cutie Stickers Photo 1
Planner Cutie Stickers
1 review
40-120 Surprise Cutie Planner Stickers - Delivered Monthly
From $15.95$14.36 / box
Sublimation Blanks  Product Box Photo 1Sublimation Blanks  Product Box Photo 1
Sublimation Blanks Product Box

by Sub This & That

$10 off Your First Box! Sample, test and practice with this great sublimation blanks kit!
From $44.99 / box
Fiber of the Month Club Photo 1Fiber of the Month Club Photo 1
Fiber of the Month Club

by Paradise Fibers

8 reviews
Get inspired with a themed package of fiber art goodies from around the world!
From $33.17 / box
IndieStitch Sewing Subscription Box Photo 1IndieStitch Sewing Subscription Box Photo 1
IndieStitch Sewing Subscription Box

by IndieStitch

8 reviews
Sew a piece of women's clothing each month! Includes everything you need to level-up your sewing.
From $59.95 / box
Rustic Buffalo Home  Photo 1Rustic Buffalo Home  Photo 1
Rustic Buffalo Home

by Rustic Buffalo Home

Monthly themed home decor with farmhouse flair and a dash of whimsy.
From $53.95 / box
Harrow and Green USA Inc Photo 1Harrow and Green USA Inc Photo 1
Harrow and Green USA Inc
1 review
Personalized Christmas gifts for you and the family.
From $23.33 / box
Tikes Garden Box Photo 1Tikes Garden Box Photo 1
Tikes Garden Box

by Tikes Garden

3 reviews
Monthly ready-to-build garden projects for kids!
From $22.96$17.96 / box
Enchanted Everlies By EEONY Photo 1Enchanted Everlies By EEONY Photo 1
Enchanted Everlies By EEONY
1 review
Enchanted Everlies is Moment of Zen
From $25.42$22.88 / box
Roksy Boksy - Crystals That Spark Joy! Photo 1Roksy Boksy - Crystals That Spark Joy! Photo 1
Roksy Boksy - Crystals That Spark Joy!

by Roksy Boksy

3 reviews
Crystals and Minerals That Spark Joy!
From $22.00 / box
Washi Stickers Subscription Photo 1Washi Stickers Subscription Photo 1
Washi Stickers Subscription
1 review
Washi Stickers Subscription, Delivered Monthly from $15.95
From $15.95 / box
Dayroom Subscription Box Party Edition Photo 1Dayroom Subscription Box Party Edition Photo 1
Dayroom Subscription Box Party Edition

by Dayroom

Party edition box
From $74.99 / box
Mystery Fabric  Box Photo 1Mystery Fabric  Box Photo 1
Mystery Fabric Box

by Mystery Fabrics

2 reviews
Premium Fabrics Shipped Monthly For Low Price.
From $19.99 / box
Taspens Organic’s - Personal Wellness and Self Care Subscription Boxes. Photo 1Taspens Organic’s - Personal Wellness and Self Care Subscription Boxes. Photo 1
Taspens Organic’s - Personal Wellness and Self Care Subscription Boxes.
1 review
Organic, handmade, herbal products thoughtfully arranged into boxes to help you be your best.
From $25.00$22.50 / box
Scent by Mickey Photo 1Scent by Mickey Photo 1
Scent by Mickey
8 reviews
Magical fragrances from the happiest places!
From $20.83 / box
Candle Therapy  - Monthly subscription Photo 1Candle Therapy  - Monthly subscription Photo 1
Candle Therapy - Monthly subscription

by Candle Therapy By Monterra ( Monthly subscription )

11 reviews
The theracandles can be used for therapeutic purposes, or simply to make your home smell amazing!
From $15.00 / box

Spruce up your living space and outdoor areas with a high-quality home subscription box from Cratejoy. Whether you have a new place or just want a new look for your living room and patio, a monthly décor subscription box can really deliver. Make your yard vibrant and beautiful with the seeds and greenery in home, garden, and plant subscription boxes. Enjoy seasonal accents and timeless décor pieces indoors thanks to home décor and interior design subscription boxes. Cratejoy’s décor subscription boxes deliver monthly or quarterly, so you always have new home accents to look forward to. With a home subscription box selected fromthe best subscription boxes for all your stay-at-home needs, your space can look and feel welcoming and fun in every season.