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A monthly period box with all the essentials delivered just when you need it!

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Quirky Stork Collection

For Women By Women Monthly Subscription Box (Quirky Stork) FREE SHIPPING

Rose War Panty Power

An organic monthly period, underwear, beauty, and lifestyle subscription box!

Lotus Box
A Subscription Box for PMS
HappyGal Monthly
Choose from 7 different package options/sizes and then take a survey to customize it to fit you!
A Genie's Dream
Monthly tube of gifts & spiritual items for young women to comfort their mystical souls.
my Petal Club
Our period box comes with high quality period essentials delivered to your door on time, every time
A monthly period subscription service that delivers your monthly products directly to your door.
Have You Ever Seen Pads That Dry Instantly? Try Us!
Eves Parcel

Ms Flow New UK Period & Beauty Subscription Parcel

Day Twenty Eight
The perfect subscription for every women during that time of the month
Rebel Joy Tribe
Gentle & Beautiful Support for Your Spiritual Growth. Find Inner Peace with Rebel Joy Tribe!
Monthly & Co
We are here for you! Calling all girls, young ladies, women, and mature ladies.
It's That Time Box
Period Essential Items, Delicious Snacks & Teas, Self-Care Products all wrapped in one curated box!
Mindfully handcrafted aromatherapy inhalers to reduce stress, increase joy and elevate your mood.
line&dot box
Carefully curated boxes include: body safe tampons/pads, delicious treats, and self-care items
Pause Pack by Donna
A bi-monthly subscription box for women over 50, Navigating the third phase of life.
Shark Week Survival Kit LLC
Change your life, PERIOD. . Products that naturally ease PMS & self care combined
Lavish Slumbers, LLC
Lavish Slumbers: The Best Women's Quarterly Subscription Box for Self-Care, Fun, Friends, & Games
Handcrafted, all natural, women made items worth over $130!
The Red Box
Aunt Flo Got You Down? The Red Box Will Keep Your Spirits Up - Monthly Period Subscription Box
Cup of Té
Premium organic loose leaf teas delivered straight to your doorstep!
Amazing monthly subscription box with EVERYTHING a women needs and wants during her period!
Love Yours Box
Quarterly Self-Care Subscription Box For Women
Sold Out
Dot Boxx
FUN MAIL delivered monthly with or without period essentials!

Take on that “time of the month” with our period subscription boxes! We know that certain week out of month can be rough, and what better to handle it with than a PMS box? Our merchants understand the struggle, which is why we are locked and loaded with the best subscriptions around to help you out. For when you need the essentials (tampons, liners, chocolates, anything warm you can get your hands on), we have a guide to the best period subscription boxes. One of the best ways to cure these monthly blues is focus on self-care and wellness. Head to this list of best treat yo'self gifts to find all of the goodies you need to pamper yourself for the whole week… even the month! Don’t worry girl, we’ve got you!