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A monthly period box with all the essentials delivered just when you need it!

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The Bath Benefit
Handcrafted bath and body products, perfect for shower AND bath, delivered monthly!
Sold Out
Pause and Unwind
Treat her to a wonderful relaxation kit featuring amazing women-owned businesses! Ships June 1st
ElleBoxCo Canada
Organic pads and tampons plus tea, chocolate and 2 new goodies delivered to you doorstep
Rose War Panty Power
An organic monthly period, beauty, and lifestyle subscription box!
my Petal Club

We offer high quality period essentials delivered to your door on time, every time

HappyGal Monthly

Choose from 7 different package options/sizes and then take a survey to customize it to fit you!


Kali provides all natural and organic feminine essentials to you every month.

Delivering organic period essentials and goodies right to your door!
My PMS Kit
Everything you could every need to survive that time of the month delivered right to your door.
Lotus Box

A PMS Care Package

Sao Simple.
The Monthly Period Subscription for Women that Gives Back.
A monthly period subscription service that delivers your monthly products directly to your door.
Sold Out

A UK subscription box service for your period

Ms Flow

Ms Flow New UK Period & Beauty Subscription Parcel

Get My Moxie

Themed Monthly Subscription Box for Women that Gives Back to and Empowers Women

Turn your period from pain to PRETTY!
The Women's Monthly Box
Comfort when you need it most. Pamper Your Period.
All about me box
We cater to you and your periods every needs
Sha Mama Rising
Monthly curated shamanic-inspired, plant-based products to support Mama's Self-Care
My Flowetry
Not your Average Period Box! Love yourself up with comfort, beauty and wellness products monthly
Day Twenty Eight

The perfect subscription for every women during that time of the month

Perfect Monthly Subscription Box
This Box is an "Ode to You"! We combined all your interests into ONE Monthly Subscription Box!

Take on that “time of the month” with our period subscription boxes! We know that certain week out of month can be rough, and what better to handle it with than a PMS box? Yes, that’s right! Our merchants understand the struggle, which is why we are locked and loaded with the best subscriptions around to help you out. For when you need the essentials (tampons, liners, chocolates, anything warm you can get your hands on), we have a guide to the best period subscription boxes on our marketplace. One of the best ways to cure these monthly blues is to treat yourself. Head to this list of best self-care subscription boxes to find all of the goodies you need to pamper yourself for the whole week… even the month! Don’t worry girl, we’ve got you!