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Shadow Path of the Divine Feminine Photo 1Shadow Path of the Divine Feminine Photo 1
Shadow Path of the Divine Feminine

by The Fall Series by Magickal Folk

Authentically crafted rituals, apothecary goods, seasonal attunements, and guidance
From $43.00/mo.
Kay's Magic Photo 1Kay's Magic Photo 1
Kay's Magic
129 reviews
A box filled with magical items from across Texas (and the world) starting at only $5 per month!
From $5.00/mo.
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A closed The Witches Moon subscription box surrounded by grains of wheat, sage, candles, tarot cards, and essential oils.A closed The Witches Moon subscription box surrounded by grains of wheat, sage, candles, tarot cards, and essential oils.
Sold Out
The Witches Moon®
527 reviews
The Most Unique Witchcraft Subscription Box Of Its Kind
From $45.00/mo.
The Crone's Cottage Photo 1The Crone's Cottage Photo 1
Sold Out
The Crone's Cottage

by Cat and Crone

11 reviews
Ignite and delight your inner witch every month with a subscription box from the Crone's Cottage
From $55.00/mo.
SugarMuses® Photo 1SugarMuses® Photo 1
Sold Out
160 reviews
Handcrafted Magickal Monthly Offerings - "Be Brave. Be Powerful. Be Beautiful.™"
From $54.99/mo.
7SkyesofFire Photo 17SkyesofFire Photo 1
Sold Out
2 reviews
Discover new spells and rituals every month!
MidnightMuses Box Photo 1MidnightMuses Box Photo 1
Sold Out
MidnightMuses Box

by MidnightMuses™ by SugarMuses®

13 reviews
A unique witchy box with an earthy, gothic style!
From $29.00/mo.
Sacred Space Crate Photo 1Sacred Space Crate Photo 1
Sold Out
Sacred Space Crate
42 reviews
Uniquely Spell Crafted items for the Wise Ones of the Craft
From $50.00/mo.
Luna's crafty magick Photo 1Luna's crafty magick Photo 1
Sold Out
Luna's crafty magick
1 review
Monthly delivery of witchy magick
Magical Box Photo 1Magical Box Photo 1
Sold Out
Magical Box
6 reviews
Box for lovers of all things magic, featuring alter supplies, spell jars, tarot decks, and jewelry
The Dark Moon Box Photo 1The Dark Moon Box Photo 1
Sold Out
The Dark Moon Box
2 reviews
Unique and handmade witchcraft tools, kits, and supplies
From $25.83/mo.
Botanicals & Rainbows Photo 1Botanicals & Rainbows Photo 1
Sold Out
Botanicals & Rainbows
Treat Yourself to Unique Eco-Resin Jewellery & Accessories Through Your Letter Box Every Month
From £15.00/mo.

Explore your interest in alternative spiritual practices with a curated witch subscription box. Featuring high-quality products and goodies for the modern witch, these monthly subscription boxes are a great choice for people wanting to explore Wicca, spiritual care, and wellness rituals from the comfort of home. The items in a witch mystery box range can include crystals, tarot cards, candles, oils, astrology items, and other inspirational products, all hand-selected to support your metaphysical interests and journey. A witch subscription box is a great choice for someone interested in Wicca or a long-time practitioner who wants to try new products and supplies.