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Shelflove Crate

A monthly fantasy and sci-fi book box for young adults!

Once Upon a Book Club

Creating a unique reading experience every month!

Unplugged Book Box
A monthly book/self-care subscription box to help you unplug & focus on you.
SpearCraft Book Box
Monthly YA book subscription box for bookworms! Each box contains a new YA novel and goodies!
The premium subscription service for all book lovers.
Relove Print
Preowned book subscription service curated by us for your personal taste
Now in Books

The perfect box for teens and adults who love books, music, and book chats!

Beacon Book Box
A subscription box for the average book lover, created by a 14-year-old bookworm!
Literary Dream Crate
Low priced gently used books each month delivered right to your door! Starting at $9.99+ a month!
Unicorn Crate
New YA Fantasy delivered monthly with a touch of unicorn magic!
The perfect gift for writers!

Finally, a book box for the avid ADULT reader of YA books

Shelflove Reads
Monthly Ya General Fiction Box!
Chocolate and book
Something to eat, something to drink, something to read! Perfect for all book and chocolate lovers!
Wildest Dreams Box
Monthly YA Book Subscription Box
Specially selected books, delivered to your door monthly!
Magic Book Trap
Monthly YA Book Subscription Box
Enchanting YA subscription box! Every box is a new adventure!
The Bookish Box

Get Book(ish), monthly. Books and inspired goods for women.

My Sci Fi Club
Your new favorite sci-fi and fantasy monthly book club!
and the Story Begins
Receive two new books every month!
The Delilah Box
Monthly Subscription Box & Study of the Lesser known women of the Bible
Totally Booked Crate
Totally Booked Crate is a journey through pages delivered right to your door!
My YA Reading Club
New Hardcover Young Adult Fantasy Books

The right book can keep a teen entertained for days on end. So don’t take the risk of picking out a book that won’t be liked and let us do the work for you! Our selection of young adult subscription boxes are curated specifically by our merchants for young men and women. Don’t believe us? Here’s a taste of what our highly popular young adult book boxes have to offer. Our boxes feature classic books for tweens as well as new releases that are on their way up the charts. Do you know a teen fixated on a certain boy wizard or crime-fighting superhero? This fandom subscription box guide will not only give them something to read, but some extra goodies as well! For a regular delivery of “screen free” entertainment, just start browsing!