Wellness & Self-Care Boxes

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Feeling Fab
A mind-body wellness subscription for a clean and beautiful life.
TheraBox - Self Care Subscription Box
Mindfully curated by therapists to reduce stress and increase joy!

Alively is a healthy self-care subscription box for moms who want to thrive!

Delivering encouragement through beautiful, handmade products
Bath Bevy
Carefully curated bath goodness, delivered.
Jenny Bean
Beautiful, Unique, Creative housewares, selfcare, and stationary for you to enjoy or gift
Meditation Essentials

Meditation products to enhance your mindfulness and meditation practice - Books & unique products

Wild Medicine Box by Tamed Wild Apothecary
Lifestyle Box for the Modern Day Healers, Mystics & Wise Ones
Wellness Teas for Everyday Wellness
Crystals, Gemstones and Jewels
Crystals, Artisan, Body, Beads, Jewelry Supply, Goddess and Woo Woo essentials
All Girl Shave Club
Premium razors paired with unique, specialty shaving & body products to make shaving fun!
My Reward Box
A monthly beauty subscription box for busy women. FREE shipping to U.S.!
Laurel & Reed

Luxury beauty & lifestyle subscription box featuring non-toxic, all-natural and cruelty-free items

Chi Box
Guided Meditation and Spiritual Tools Delivered Monthly for Personal Growth
All-natural health and wellness products delivered to your door.
Crystal infused herbal products that support serenity, relaxation, and spiritual balance.
Bombay & Cedar
Live an inspired life with vegan beauty and wellness items every month.
Lotus Box

A PMS Care Package

Honey & Sage Company
A Women's Wellness Care Package
Mom Time Delivered

A self-care subscription & gift box for busy moms.

Pearlesque Box

Discover organic, non-toxic, and natural skincare products from around the world.

Fearless Nail Art by The Nailed It Box
Exclusive nail art pieces with unique monthly themes. You supply the polish and we add the bling!
Revival Kit
Monthly subscription dedicated to help you relax and unwind!
Palmetto Derma

We help you craft the skincare routine that works for you and your skin.

Pause and Unwind
Treat her to a wonderful relaxation kit featuring amazing women-owned businesses! Ships July 2nd
Wild Crystals Box
Monthly Selection of Curated Healing Crystals, Stones, and Minerals!
A monthly service for the busy woman who still takes time to be pampered.
My Hygge Joy
Enjoy hand chosen products aimed at helping you slow down, savor moments, and connect with others.
Om Babes Yoga Box
Yoga, wellness, and self-care products — all thoughtfully curated for YOU!
Sha Mama Rising
Monthly curated sassy & shamanic plant-based, pleasurable products to support Mama's Self-Care
Simply Happy Kindred
Vegan + Organic + Cruelty-Free Subscription Box Focusing on Personal Development & Happiness!
Chakra Box
Delivering monthly vegan & cruelty free spiritual tools to assist in your Chakra Balancing Journey.
Affordable self-care subscription box delivering better fitness, beauty & wellness products to you!