My BBQ Box

First and foremost, we are BBQ addicts. We love the stuff. We have cooked everything from classics like Texas brisket, Memphis ribs and Georgia pork butt to lesser know varieties like California tri-tip, whole hog, and wild game. Over the years, store bought generic rubs and spices were just not cutting it for us anymore. We wanted a flavor that enhanced each type of meat and style specifically. So we started to create our own. We tested them, took them to competitions, fed them to friends and family and tweaked them until they were just right. Now we want to bring our experience and expertise to you, the backyard BBQ'er. We make it simple. We give you the rub and detailed instructions on how to cook a wide variety of BBQ goodness. Each spice rub is tailored to the style to bring out the flavor you can expect from it. The instructions are easy to follow and give you tips based on the set up you have. We will also include a unique BBQ accessory each month to help you along the way. With My BBQ Box, your backyard will be your kitchen, and your bellies will be full.