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All American Patriot Monthly Box🇺🇸

Our All-American box is bursting with 10 featured products, boasting a retail value of more than $115. When you subscribe, you pay for pure American quality you won’t find anywhere else in the world. 100% Made in America. A portion of all profits are donated to our United States Veterans.
  • From handy gadgets to full-blown disaster prep, you'll love how easy it is to stock up on your stash with the Patriot box.
  • Every box is packed with items that are made in America by Americans.
  • Every month the box will also include survival literature and checklists to help you with your families prep.
  • Each box will contain two tactical items and one survival item. Such as water filters, fire starters. emergency blankets, radios, and etc.
  • A unique and custom map of the United States will be included with every box, every map is unique and there will never be any duplicates.

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