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T-Shirts, Panty, Socks and more under one Roof

• Just for Women/girls of age 16 + • It' time to toss out those old, smelly essentials for new ones. • Each month, we will ship you a high-quality T-Shirt, Socks, Underwear, Handkerchief, Face towel. • The Panty has a comfortable soft waistband and smooth look • Experience our luxuriously women's handkerchiefs & premium face towel

  • The colors of T-shirt and Panty will vary in each shipment so the box don't get boring ;)
  • Experience our luxuriously handkerchiefs and Face towel made from cotton for women
  • Premium quality cotton T-shirt for women, which is fit to size and use
  • Breathable, Odor-resistance and antimicrobial panty made out of cotton.
  • Every month you will get fresh cloths at your doorsteps so you don't have to think about shopping again.

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