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Give the Gift of Discovery: Personalized Tea Gifts Curated To Match Personal Tastes

This unique tea gift subscription is designed to delight the senses and warm the heart. Perfect for the holidays, each box is a personalized present that invites your loved ones to discover teas curated to their tastes. With every delivery, they'll unwrap a selection of the finest teas matched to their preferences. Whether they cherish the soothing warmth of a classic brew or the invigorating zest of exotic blends, Free Your Tea is the gift that keeps on giving...
  • Give someone a personalized tea subscription and they will think of you with every cup!
  • Schedule your gift notification at checkout!
  • Teas are tailored to taste based on tea ratings and preferences (or variety of popular teas if preferred)
  • 100 drawstring bags included in first shipment
  • 100% Personalized: We'll ask for caffeine and tea type preferences before we send the first shipment

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