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Get unique plastic-free essentials every season!

At the beginning of every season, we will send you a box filled with 6 to 8 plastic-free items ranging from durable goods to personal care items and maybe even something yummy to eat: all high quality and 100% free of plastic packaging. Some of the items are surprises and will not be disclosed ahead of time to keep things exciting!
  • This box is designed to help its recipient discover how easy and possible it is to live with less plastic. Each season, we send the recipient useful products and tools as well as mystery items to keep things fun and exciting. We also include information on each product and its impact on the reduction of plastic waste. Finally we make a donation to an organization fighting plastic pollution with every box we ship.
  • We believe there is far too much excess in this world we live in, and the last thing anyone needs is more stuff! That's what makes our box different-no fluff, no filler-just filled with products that serve a purpose and fulfill a need. We believe if you choose good quality products that last, that's all you will ever need.
  • We carefully curate all the items in the box from suppliers we love and trust. Some of the unique and special products that are part of the box have never been sold in North America. This is our chance to expose you to cool companies from abroad that are working hard to make a difference. Each box offers a booklet with information on plastics that is relevant to the content of the box.
  • Unlike some other subscription boxes, our goal is not to ask our suppliers to bring their margins so low that they don't even break even. We want everybody to win, and more importantly, we want this box to truly help make a difference and help change perceptions about plastic pollution. Go head and share the items in your box with your family, friends, work colleagues and build awareness around you!
  • As with all of the products we’ve been selling for the past 13 years, the products in your box are safe, plastic-free (including all packaging), ethically-sourced and friendly to our Earth.

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