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Find your next favorite manga with the Manga Mystery Bundle!

Looking for a box featuring all-new manga? Want to try reading something new but, don't know where to start? Then our Anitaku Manga Mystery Bundle is perfect for you! Each bundle includes 3 different manga volumes, 1 anime-inspired tumbler (handmade by your friendly Anitaku Team) 1 anime apparel item featuring some of your favorite anime characters, and 1 *or more anime accessories! Our goal is simple: showcase oldies, newbies, and everything in between so you'll find your next new favorite!
  • Brand New, High quality Manga
  • Handmade Anime Apparel and Drinkware
  • Awesome "Manga-ish" accessories
  • 3 Themes to choose from: Shoujo, Shōnen, and Tomo's pick!
  • Great Manga Box Gift

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Manga Mystery Bundle

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