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Elevate Your Energy with Crystal Healing

A mysterious and delightful selection of various crystals and minerals from around the world. Hand-picked and curated by Enchanted Crystal from their shop in Portland, OR. Each crystal is labeled with the name and QR code of the variety linking to educational and metaphysical information.
  • Diverse Crystal Collection: Explore our small box including 7-10 or our large box which includes 11-15 premium specimens, each handpicked for their unique sizes, rarities, and energy properties.
  • Educational Labels: Every crystal is labeled with its variety name, helping you learn and appreciate the distinct qualities of each specimen.
  • Eco-Friendly Packaging: We care for the Earth as much as you do. Our crystals are individually wrapped in recycled bubble wrap, minimizing environmental impact.
  • Size and Grade Variety: Each box offers a captivating mix of sizes and grades, ensuring you receive a well-rounded selection of high-quality crystals.
  • Perfect Gift or Self-Indulgence: Whether you're gifting a crystal enthusiast or nurturing your own spiritual journey, our crystal gift boxes are a source of beauty and positive energy.

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