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Puzzle Post - A personalised puzzle game gift

Know someone who loves Escape Rooms & Treasure Hunts? This is the perfect present - their own mystery in an envelope, and one you can personalise! Stash a secret message in our online vault, and we will send an envelope stuffed full of puzzles (how exciting!!) in the post every month - complete the puzzles in order to reveal the secret message.
  • A new story every month, each set in the modern day and including real world pieces to immerse the recipient in the game
  • Interactive, online components that bring each story to life (internet access is required)
  • Each game takes 60-90 minutes to solve but there are clues available online so no one gets stuck
  • You can leave a secret message including text and an image or video at the conclusion of each game. Send a simple message such as Merry Christmas or let your imagination run wild and keep the mystery going...
  • You can add your first secret message at checkout and we'll send you a link to add future messages every month.

Personalised & Immersive Puzzle Gift - An Escape Room In An Envelope is not available, but you'll love these other boxes!

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