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Tea Hive - Steep, Sip, Discover the world of tea

We scour the world of teas for products that truly embody the Tea Hive spirit of community and respect to one-another and our Earth. Themed collections of 3 teas (brewing 30+ cups), an accompaniment, stories behind our products & partners, and creative applications or recipes. Support small businesses & farmers around the world with every sip.
  • Only artisanal products, no big box brands.
  • Always natural, clean, and pure.
  • We encourage you to re-steep your teas, but when we say 30 cups, we mean new cups. We're not into false advertising.
  • Easy Substitutions!
  • Pause or Re-gift any month.

Monthly Tea Hive Box is not available, but you'll love these other boxes!

Past Boxes from Tea Hive