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Analytics are the numbers that define the health of your business. They are used to communicate critical metrics about: 

  • Happiness of your subscribers 
  • Strength of your products
  • Financial outlook 
  • Effects of both past & future decisions

Understanding your analytics lets you plot a course for success while minimizing easily-avoidable mistakes. 

Cratejoy makes it easy for you to find your analytics and run detailed reports to help you understand the health of your business. 

Watch the Cratejoy team discuss how to use your data for success during our Reporting & Analytics webinar

In this post:

Understanding your data with the information that Cratejoy provides is crucial to having a successful business. 

Where to Find Your Analytics on Cratejoy

Your Dashboard provides a snapshot of what is happening with your business. Your Analytics Section (located on the left side of your Dashboard) is where you can take a deep dive into reporting & exports to evaluate the health of your business.

Dashboard Metrics

High-Level Business Metrics

  • Active Subscriptions
    • Number of current active subscriptions
      • Quick note: Sometimes your Active Subscriptions number will be a little different than the number of Active subscribers you see on the subscription breakdown. This is due to these numbers updating at slightly different times. For the most accurate count of subscription statuses, please go to your Subscriptions Section.
  • 30 Day Subscriber Churn Rate
    • Percentage of subscribers lost in the past 30 days
  • Average Length of Subscription
    • The average lifespan of subscriptions on your store represented in days
  • 30 Day Average Feedback 
    • Your average feedback from product ratings over the past 30 days 
      • Quick note: This is not your Marketplace review rating! This is your product feedback rating!
  • Average Revenue Per Subscriber 
    • Your total gross revenue divided by the number of customers who have purchased a subscription on your store.
      • Quick note: The longer your current customers stay subscribed, the bigger this number gets

More information on using analytics + the formulas used to calculate these above metrics can be found here.

Marketplace Listing Information

This section shows your views, overall review rating, & number of reviews. 

Subscription Status Breakdown

This section shows the status of all subscriptions on your store:

  • Active – a count of the total Active subscriptions on your store (means they will renew) 
  • Marketplace – a count that tells you how many of your Active subscriptions are from the Marketplace
  • Skipped – a count of how many total customers are skipping their renewal
  • Pending – a count of how many total subscriptions did not successfully renew at the last renewal period and are in your past due payment process
    • Read more here about failed renewals and how Cratejoy helps you recover revenue from past due subscriptions 
  • Cancelled – a count of how many of your total subscriptions have been cancelled
  • Expired – a count of how many of your total subscriptions failed to renew but were not cancelled by you or the customer

Financial Overview 

This section gives you the ability to view new subscriptions and renewals by 5 different time intervals: Today, Yesterday, Last 7 Days, Last 30 Days, and Last 90 Days. 

When you click into any of the time interval options, you’ll see your signups and cancellations for that period as well as the cumulative revenue over that period.


Under the General tab you will see four sections:

  • General Analytics by Month
  • Revenue by Coupon
  • Revenue by Product
  • Sales Tax

General Analytics by Month

On this page you can navigate between four different tabs to learn even more about your business.

On the right side of the page there is a button that says “Export”. This is where you can download the All Transactions Export. This report contains the data of every single transaction that happens on your store in an easy to view CSV file. 

Learn more about what’s included in the All Transactions Export and how to download it here.

Subscription Analytics by Month & Week

We will group the first two tabs together as they display the same information over different periods of time (weeks vs. months). 

Under these two tabs you will see: 

  • How many subscribers you have gained, lost, and retained within the specific time frame 
  • Growth & retention percentages 
  • Gross revenue 

Actual Cash Flow

This tab records your actual cash flow throughout the specified period of time and breaks it down to show how much of that cash flow is from:

  • New subscriptions 
  • Renewed subscription

Accrual Revenue

This tab records accrued revenue for businesses using accrual accounting and spaces out transactions over their lifetimes. (For example: if a customer pays $60 for a 6-month subscription, it will show up as a $10 transaction every month for 6 months instead of a single $60 transaction at the time the order was placed.) 

Revenue By Product

On the Revenue by Product page you’ll see how each of your products are performing over time.  

Use these insights to: 

  • Track the performance of all your products
  • Evaluate which products are selling best over specific time frames
  • Make critical decisions about the direction of your business

You can easily generate & export reports about your revenue by product. Learn more here.

Revenue By Coupon

On the Revenue by Coupon page you’ll see how coupons drive revenue for your store and which coupons are your best performers. 

Use this information to make crucial decisions about:

  • Future promotions
  • How to engage customers
  • What marketing channels to invest in 
  • Which discounts make the most sense for your business

You can also create reports that show you exactly how your coupons are affecting your business. Learn more about that report here

Sales Tax

On the Sales Tax page you’ll see: order totals, product totals, sales tax, shipping charges, and all refunds. You can filter the data on this page by a date range, geographic location or order type (all orders or orders with sales tax).

You can view the information presented on the page or create an export for further analysis. Learn more about this page & how to generate these reports here

Analytics will better help you understand: which of your products are the best performers, what promotional offerings yield the most new sales, & how you can most effectively grow your business.


Cancellations? Yuck! No one wants those, right?

Well, cancellations are actually an incredibly helpful tool with which you can reassess aspects of your business and plan for future growth.

Cancellations are normal and you will get some for reasons that you cannot control. However, if cancellations are happening because of underperforming products or customer service errors, you can address those and improve your churn rate

— Your churn rate is a measure that tells you the percent of customers that cancel their subscription each month. It’s good to know what your average churn rate is so you can predict future cancellations and forecast accurately. Cratejoy provides your churn rate number on your dashboard as soon as you log in. —

You can filter cancellations by date range, subscription type, product, and cancellation reason. You can also create reports from this page that you can use to further evaluate your business. 

Traffic Sources

On the Traffic page you’ll see a clear breakdown of views, sales, and traffic sources.

Views show you how many times your store or listing is being visited.

Compare views to sales to see when you are converting those views into sales. 

If Cratejoy is hosting your website, the sources will show from where your views and sales are coming. Whether it was that great email blast you sent out last week or the on-trend Instagram post from two days ago, knowing where your traffic is coming from helps you know where to most effectively spend your marketing efforts. 

Your sales funnel shows you where customers are leaving you in the ordering process so that you can make the necessary improvements.

Learn more about your traffic reporting here

Don’t forget: you can watch a recording of our Reporting & Analytics Webinar & Town Hall where we cover all these topics & answer seller questions about data and reporting!

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