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At Aud & El we believe that creating an environment, at home or on the go, that is soothing and calming should be a priority in all our lives. A peaceful physical space helps create a peaceful headspace. We live in a chaotic world, always rushing around trying to get things checked off of our to-do lists and that can lead to anxiety, depression, fatigue and other health problems. Our mind and spirit are the core of who we are and if we keep those healthy our body will follow. Self care is an essential part of life and we hope that our products can help you care for yourself in the way that you deserve.
At Aud & El you will find products to help ease you into a softer way of life but you will also find community, support, ideas and suggestions all designed to bring you peace and comfort.
We are here for YOU!
Sending love,
Aud & El Apothecary
Monthly Candle Subscription - Free Shipping ✨, from $27.00
Monthly Candle Subscription - Free Shipping ✨

A monthly box will show up at your door containing our mindfully selected candle of the month! Each box will be beautifully curated with your 8 ounce mason jar candle, sweet bonus cards and fun extras! Each candle jar is made with food grade glass so you can clean it out and add it to your kitchen for drinking, storage or as decor.

From $27.00/mo.

Seasonal Self Care Box - Free Shipping ✨, from $60.00
Seasonal Self Care Box - Free Shipping ✨

Nurture yourself throughout the year with curated items designed to ease you into a gentler way of life. From family recipes to seasonal playlists, and of course our best selling candles, these boxes will encourage you to dive deep into each season. Each product is mindfully created to comfort your mind, body, home and soul. -WHAT'S IN THE BOX- each box will contain 5-6 full size items including 8 oz 100% soy candle (at least one!) Surprise Scent Gold Tin Candle or Room Mist Bath and Body Products Something Seasonal and FUN! Custom Playlist on Spotify by Aud & El Our Seasonal Recipe Card SO MUCH MORE!

From $60.00/qtr.