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Big Lu Dog Treats

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Doral, FL
Why join our monthly subscription boxes? Because you dream of a world where you always have natural, healthy and conveniently assorted dog treats delivered right to your home, without having to stress about it. Life's busy enough – let us sort out your dog treat selection!
Bully Sticks, Yummy Ears, Jerky Treats! What are you waiting for hooman?
Big Lu's Party Box, from $26.92
Big Lu's Party Box

Looking to surprise your dog with new treats like it's their birthday? Try our Party Box variety pack! With this box, your dog will get a chance to try an assortment of our delicious single-ingredient natural dog treats with every box. All you gotta do is pick your dog's breed size, and we'll send you the best treats for your dog to enjoy.

From $26.92/mo.

Big Lu's Famous Ear Loves Box, from $27.50
Big Lu's Famous Ear Loves Box

A monthly box of yummy ears to chew. If your doggo enjoys a little crunch followed by a more delicate chew, our Cow Ears will do the trick! If they're in the mood for a sturdier and flavorful treat, our Pig Ears will satisfy that munch. Like all of our treats, our Ears Lovers Box is filled with a delicious selection of treats baked to perfection and are made only with the best quality products we could find. None of that artificial stuff, just the natural dog treats you can trust! Scrumptious.

From $27.50/mo.

Butcher Box, from $33.33
Butcher Box

Our Butcher's Box comes pack with all natural meaty treats that are full of flavor and rich in nutrients and proteins We collected our most favorite meaty dog treats such as beef burgers, beef sausages, venison sausages, and great variety of treats/chews that are not processed in any way and do not contain any bone.

From $33.33/mo.