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Bucket and Bones is a small business who’s goal is to provide fun experiences and treats for you and your dog along with providing dog food to shelters and rescues.
Tanya, Cassie, and Kaitlyn are the human portion of Bucket and Bones. We love all of our furry friends, which over the years have included quite the personalities of canine and feline companions. Over time, we will share each of their stories, because as you know, each one has changed us, helped us grow, and taught us so much.
Twelve years ago we adopted a basset hound named Bucket. Part of Bucket’s story includes severe allergies to a laundry list of foods, outdoor, and indoor allergens. This lead us to a long quest of finding and cooking foods that were safe for her.
When Bones joined our family, Bucket was quick to teach her that time in the kitchen was the best time of the week.
Now we are excited to share these same experiences with you, with our complete biscuit kits, including ingredients that are Bucket and Bones approved so you can enjoy time in the kitchen with your favorite furry friends.
Bake Your Own Dog Treats with Bucket and Bones, from $36.99
Bake Your Own Dog Treats with Bucket and Bones

Monthly boxes will arrive at your door with everything you need to bake two batches of treats! TL;DR - You will get a box filled with supplies to make at least 48 dog treats when using the included cookie cutter and following the included directions- to share (or not) as you choose. By purchasing a box, you contribute to our 4 Boxes = 1 Bag of Dog Food donation to a shelter or rescue. To make life easier, shipping is Free. Upon receiving your box, you will open it to find a custom recipe card from Bucket and Bones with all of the details needed to bake the perfect dog treat. You will also find 2 full pages with the recipe, tips and tricks for making and storing the bones, nutritional facts, and updates on what Bucket and Bones have been up to since the previous month. Going further into the box, you will find all of the ingredients needed to bake your first batch of treats, premeasured and labeled, packaged in sealed and re-sealable food-safe packaging. You will notice as you go that you have two of every ingredient. Here at Bucket and Bones we love sharing with our friends, so we are providing ingredients to make a second batch of treats as well! In your box, you will notice two "doggie bags" complete with paw prints. Simply add a few treats and you can share with any of your dog's best friends. If your dog is begging for more, we will not judge if you decide to keep the entire second batch for your furry friend instead! Each month will feature a new recipe for you and your dog to try. While we provide the ingredients in the box for your first batches, we aim to make the recipes user-friendly so you can use your dog's favorite recipes over and over again. Let's get back to the box. The next thing you will find is a themed cookie cutter. Each month, we will choose a cookie cutter to include with the recipe. This cutter may be themed to the month, a holiday, or simply something fun that our dogs enjoy. Each cutter will be a standard size between 2.5 and 3.5 inches. As a bonus, your first box will also include a 3" dog bone cutter to get started with the "classic" dog treat look! Our subscribers enjoy receiving additional bonus cutters and materials at their 6 month anniversaries of being part of the Bucket and Bones family. This means at 6 months, 12 months, 18 and on, you will receive one or more bonus cookie cutters of various sizes to accommodate smaller or larger treat requests. Now on to possibly the most important thing you will find in your box- a Thank You card. While most companies thank their customers for purchasing, this card is special. This card will provide our sincere thank you along with a number. This number is the number of bags of dog food we were able to donate to a shelter or rescue during that month, thanks to you and others purchasing this box. Bucket and Bones are rescue dogs. You will have the opportunity to learn their stories and others like theirs as you progress through your boxes. When we were starting this business it became clear very quickly that we had three primary goals: 1- Provide awesome experiences for people to bake treats for their beloved dogs. 2- Provide awesome recipes that dogs love. 3- Use our business to make the world better for dogs in rescues and shelters Many companies advertise donating a portion of proceeds. At Bucket and Bones we wanted to do things differently so you can be 100% sure that your purchase is supporting dogs. In order to do this, we have devised a clear system. 4 Boxes = 1 Bag of Dog Food After the boxes are shipped out, we head off to our store (or place an order online if we get a better price that way) to purchase as many bags of dog food as we are able with the number of boxes sold. Visit our website at www.bucketandbones.com to see Frequently Asked Questions about our donation process and how we determine the size and brand of dog food each month. We then deliver the food directly to a shelter or rescue organization, being sure to take lots of pictures and fun videos so you can enjoy the experience as well. While we are a new company and expect the box count to start slow, we are prepared as it grows to branch out to rescues and shelters around the state and the country to provide food to as many dogs as possible. If you have gotten this far- Congratulations and thank you for sticking with me! Let's summarize quickly so you are prepared to make your decision: In the Bake Your Own Dog Treats with Bucket and Bones box, you will receive: *Custom Recipe Card *Full page tips, tricks, and updates sheet *Full page recipe *Ingredients for two batches of dog treats (each will make at least 24 treats when following the directions and using the included cutter) *One hand picked themed cookie cutter (between 2.5-3.5 inches) *Two doggie bags to package up treats to share *Fun dog-themed stickers for your water bottle, backpack, or random place that stickers go *Thank you card with the magic number of bags of food we were able to donate thanks to subscribers like you By purchasing a box, you will be contributing to our mission to donate dog food to shelter and rescue dogs. Remember- 4 Boxes = 1 Bag of Food Now to the logistics: Your subscription must be started on or before the 25th of the month in order to receive the following month's box. If you subscribe after the 25th, you will receive your box the next month. For example- if you order on the 15th of May- you will receive the June box. If you order on the 26th of May- you will receive your first box in July. This time frame is necessary to allow us to hand pack your ingredients and boxes and get them ready to ship. We will ship on or about the 5th of every month. Each month following, your subscription will proceed as follows: *You will be charged for your renewal on the 15th of the month (unless you paid in advance using our prepay feature... then you get to simply enjoy looking forward to your next box!) *Your box will be shipped on or about the 5th of the following month *You will patiently wait by your mailbox for the bright green and blue box with the cute dogs on it (yes, we are a bit biased) *You will receive your box, get super excited about seeing the number of bags of dog food you helped donate, and head to the kitchen with your dog following close behind *After making amazing treats, you and your dog can decide if you are going to bake the second batch to share, or if you are keeping them all for yourself (no judging here!) *You will check out our website to see pictures and videos of your donation in action as we deliver 1 bag of dog food for every 4 boxes sold *Your dog will look longingly at you wondering when the next box will arrive Connect with us on Instagram to be notified of dog photo competitions and to check out the most recent pictures of Bucket and Bones. @bucketandbones

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