• Craftsman Crate

Craftsman Crate

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Smithfield, NC
Craftsman Crate is the perfect gift for men and women who like to work with their hands!
"Every month, I get to see my 40yo sister giddy as a kid telling me about the new crafts she gets to make, the techniques she gets to learn that she’s been curious about, and her plans for what she’ll do with the projects to make them her own." -Sarah
Age 12+
Craftsman Crate, from $30.77
Craftsman Crate

Craftsman Crate was born when our sons (we have six) told us there was nothing at all available for teen guys who wanted hands-on projects. Well, now there is. And it's not just guys or teens loving it! This is the most convenient way ever to try out new hobbies, express yourself with your hands, learn skills you can keep using, and have fun, too! Exact shipping calculated at checkout.

From $30.77/mo.