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Thousand Oaks, USA
Hakuna started in 2016 with a clear mission: to bring cannabis storage and wellness into the 21st century—creating purpose driven products to relieve stress and clutter, powered by sustainable supply chains.
For as long as I could remember there were two types of cannabis users: those who hid their cannabis and accessories in the ugliest things and those who left it sprayed out all over their dining room table. And it just so happened that many of my roommates were the type who not only left all their goodies on our dining room table (wasting precious buds), but also had the nerve to take mine! So I decided to take it upon myself to design something that would alleviate quite a few different problems. 1) A simple way to organize that looked nice. 2) Adding functions on the box so those with sticky hands would stay away. 3) Including a rolling tray so you could easily put back the leftovers.
Fast forwarding to the present day, our boxes and wellness products have now won and placed multiple awards from Dope Magazine Awards to the Los Angeles Coffee Festival. We continue to innovate in the cannabis lifestyle space with biometric locking systems and finding synergies between cannabis and functional foods. We have focused more on bringing personalization to our customers from one off laser etching to building your own gift bundles.