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Newtown, PA
How would you like a box of Hope delivered to your door? It's just the thing for a woman diagnosed with cancer and feeling the raw fear, grief, and uncertainty of life. Curated by someone who "gets it," Susan is a stage 4 ovarian cancer survivor. She has been on both sides of the bed, as the patient, and the caregiver, and knows firsthand that faith and hope are fundamental to moving forward. Our Hanging on Hope box has that, and you in mind every month. We aim to inspire and encourage with every box and also include a bit of fun.
The Hanging on Hope Box, from $53.00
The Hanging on Hope Box

A faith-based box for women diagnosed with cancer. Every month we fill your box with 4-6 carefully chosen items to fit the current theme with YOU, my warrior friend, in mind. We offer a dose of hope in every box that will minister to the body with comfort, calm the battlefield in your mind, and bring peace to your spirit. Let's just say it's HOPE in a box!

From $53.00/mo.