• MidnightMuses™ by SugarMuses®

MidnightMuses™ by SugarMuses®

Laureldale, PA
Introducing MidnightMuses the shadow side of SugarMuses! Some of the best creations come to us after the sun has fallen & the moon has risen. A romantic potpourri of magickal darkness & light, these boxes are curated for my fellow witches, magick weavers, priestesses, alchemists, spirit realm walkers, astral travelers, & other magickal creatures.
MidnightMuses Box, from $29.00
MidnightMuses Box

This is a collection of midnight-inspired magickal items. Create your reality through intention & ritual using the themed items contained in your magickal box! Monthly boxes contain between 7-9 items. (Images depict examples of box items.)

From $29.00/mo.