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Naturing Relaxation

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Charles City, USA
A subscription box for those who Love Incense and only Incense! We will make a box just for you of Incense every month. We have been making incense for Years on Etsy, Faires, and Festivals. Our incense is always handmade and freshly scented. We also take into account that not everyone likes the same things making each box special and just for you.
Monthly Incense Box, from $11.49
Monthly Incense Box

Our Monthly Incense Box is just that, Incense. We also pay special attention to the season or month we are in so you don't get scents for Christmas (unless you really want them) in the middle of Summer. Each box is tailored to your likes and dislikes as well. For example, say you Hate Oranges, you can't stand the smell of this fruit. We will make sure you never smell a single Orange ever and if it's in that month's box we will trade it for something else. Also, we take pride in our Incense by making sure it's handmade and freshly scented because there is nothing worse than getting old and stale incense. Our November Box is called Harvest November and will feature scents for the Thanksgiving Holiday such as Cranberry Apple, Pumpkin Pie, and more. Be sure to get yours by the 18th of October because they will Ship out on October 20th ( We ship boxes for November at the end of October because we want you to enjoy the month rather than having to wait and get November scents in December--that just feels like a let down too).

From $11.49/mo.

Wheel of Year Incense Box, from $11.49
Wheel of Year Incense Box

Our Wheel of the Year Incense Box is perfect for those who are looking for something to add to their Spiritual Journey. This box is perfect for those who love to Meditate, practice Yoga, or are looking to enhance their feelings through Ritual. Inside each box we take into consideration what the month holds in regards to celebrations (like Thanksgiving, Samhain, Litha, etc), the season (not out of season scents like lilies in the middle of autumn--where's the Sandalwood), and the Theme for that month. Each month you will receive 4 scents and 5sticks or cones of each of the four scents. Novembers theme is entitled "Being Thankful" We will be featuring the following scents: Lemon Ginger (citrus and spice to help enhance energy which usually starts feel sluggish), Forest Walk ( a calming forest scent perfect for meditations), Sandalwood Rose ( a lovely scent for yoga, meditations, and just plain relaxing), and the final scent will be a mystery for you all find out about when you receive your Box. Like all of our other boxes, this is just incense so you don't have to worry about getting ten-million incense burners or other things you really don't want so you can get back to living a fully Zen Life.

From $11.49/mo.