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Baltimore, MD
Hi everyone, I’m Eric, the creator, and owner of Roaming Radish. I am a teacher from Baltimore, Maryland, and I love to cook and travel in my free time. During the depths of the Covid-19 shutdown, I found myself driven to cook meals from different areas of the world to feel like I was traveling, even though I was stuck at home. I thought the experience of cooking different types of food was exciting and helped me learn about other cultures. I realized that there were likely other people who would feel the same way and truly enjoy some help in "traveling” by making meals from all over the world. My mission in creating this company is to spread the love of cooking by bringing ease and accessibility to different worldly cuisines. I also want to positively impact all the regions that have given us such delicious flavors and dishes, which is why Roaming Radish donates a portion of all box proceeds to international charities.
Global Kitchen Inspiration Box, from $44.00
Global Kitchen Inspiration Box

Monthly box delivering global kitchen inspiration. Each month brings a new cuisine, ingredients, and recipes right to your kitchen! Each box is themed and comes with at least five ingredients and four recipes belonging to that theme. For each box purchased, Roaming Radish donates a portion of the cost to a charity or organization that helps producers in that part of the world.

From $44.00/mo.