• International Meal Kits by Takeout Kit

International Meal Kits by Takeout Kit

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Experience a global cooking adventure with Takeout Kit meal kits. We’ve searched the world for hard-to-find ingredients and authentic recipes - so you don’t have to.
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Around-the-World Subscription 2019, from $35.99
Around-the-World Subscription 2019

Try a new global cooking adventure every month. Takeout Kit meal kits include all the ingredients you need to make delicious meals for 4 adults in 30-60 minutes. No grocery shopping required! We design the recipes, shop for specialty ingredients, and deliver Takeout Kits right to your door. All you have to do is cook and enjoy! We’ve designed our products to teach you how to cook international dishes and reduce unnecessary food waste. By letting us shop for you, we can bring you tested ingredients in the amount you need for the dish. The Subscription: Each month you'll receive a Takeout Kit of your choice. Choose from: Spanish Paella, Burmese Curry Noodles, Indian Chicken or Chickpea (Chana) Tikka Masala, Argentinian Empanadas, Thai Crab Curry, Korean Soft Tofu Stew, Sichuan Mapo Tofu, Ethiopian Spiced Lentils & Teff Flatbread, Moroccan Shakshuka, German Beer Garden Spatzle + new kit releases every 1-2 months.

From $35.99/mo.