• World Food Spice Box

World Food Spice Box

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Bristol, GB
The perfect gift for a culinary explorer or to treat yourself to exotic flavours and cooking techniques!
These boxes contain all the fresh spices and recipe cards you need to create exotic & exciting food from all over the world.
With step by step instructions & fragrant spices you'll wow your friends and family with incredible culinary skills!
Fantastic Indian curries, from $14.50
Fantastic Indian curries

Curry classics to tantalise your tastebuds! Recreate the familiar flavours of your favourite Indian restaurant! You'll receive all of the fresh spices and recipe cards you need to cook a popular curry menu; savour the beautiful aromas of a biryani, admire the complex yet subtle tangy flavours of a bhuna or indulge in a luxurious and mild pasanda with fantastic savoury side dishes such as keema naan breads, fresh mango chutney or fragrant pilau rice. You'll be amazed at how easy it is to cook a curry reminiscent of your favourite restaurant standards from your own kitchen! SERVES: 4

From $14.50/mo.

Spicy recipes from around-the-world!, from $14.50
Spicy recipes from around-the-world!

Satisfy your taste for adventure and explore exciting new flavours each month; traverse the world's kitchens, without leaving home! You'll find yourself mastering a classic Persian technique of cooking rice or learning how to make dishes such as Korean Bulgogi with kimchi and black sesame rice with clear step-by-step instructions. There's sure to be something to intrigue even the most seasoned of traveller with exciting new recipes each month. SERVES: 4

From $14.50/mo.

A romantic spread for two!, from $14.50
A romantic spread for two!

The best gift of all is time spent together, and that’s what this subscription is all about. From Malaysia to the Caribbean, New Orleans to Bali - each month you’ll receive a box of spices and recipes to create a romantic meal for two, from a different destination around the world. The fragrance and heat of spices have long been associated with love and desire, after all - the way to the heart is through the stomach! Sample Menus: Empañadas with Aji Amarillo Sauce ~ Steak with Chimichurri ~ Alfajores with Cinnamon Dulce de Leche Tom Kha Gai ~ Pad Thai ~ Mango and Jasmine Sticky Rice Gambas al Annatto with Hbañero Salsa ~ Turkey Mole ~ Cinnamon Chocolate Pots with Aniseed Biscuits Each box is unique, and changes every month so you'll always have something new and exciting to try. Each recipe serves 2 people. The recipes are easy to follow, and include a full shopping list of the other ingredients you'll need (meat, veg etc) - which can all be purchased from a supermarket.

From $14.50/mo.

Recipes inspired by the Food Trucks of the world!, from $14.50
Recipes inspired by the Food Trucks of the world!

Colourful and contemporary, we’ve taken influences from cutting-edge vendors to allow you to create thrilling new fusion food at home! This feast of discovery is a great gift for a traveller or keen cook to discover new flavours. Each month you’ll receive all the freshly ground spices and recipes to create a fantastic spread for four - not just a main but also side dishes and condiments! The recipes are a mix of influences, both traditional and modern to create something completely new. Sample Menus: L.A style Korean Tacos Goan-style Pulled Pork with Mac & Cheese Malaysian Fried Chicken with American Pancakes and Chilli Honey Soy Sauce and much more..... Each box is unique, and changes every month so you'll always have something new and exciting to try

From $14.50/mo.

Discover new curries - every month!, from $14.50
Discover new curries - every month!

Discover the greatest curries you'll ever make!! Based on the legendary curry club held on a Friday night by the Spicery's founder James, this is the subscription that'll have you discovering unusual flavours from exotic places. Using fragrant blends such as Ethiopian berbere, nutty Bengaladeshi panch phoran or toasty Maharashtrian goda masala, create authentic curries from the comfort of your own kitchen, sampling curries from the Caribbean, South-East Asia, all corners of the Indian subcontinent and further afield. Contains all the fresh spices and recipe cards you need to create delicious curries plus sensational side dishes to impress your family and friends! SERVES: 4

From $14.50/mo.

Delicious vegetarian recipes, from $14.50
Delicious vegetarian recipes

Meat-free definitely doesn’t mean boring! All the fantastic fresh spices and recipe cards you’ll need to create delicious and unusual meat-free meals from all over the world. A great way for anyone to discover new food - whether you’re cooking up a Sichuan Hot Pot with facing heaven chillies and numbing sichuan peppercorns, or a South Indian curry spread with mustard seeds, kokum and curry leaves, you’ll enjoy exploring unusual cooking styles using rare and fragrant spices. There's no shortage of variety: one month you'll be cooking a Sri Lankan Wattaka with all the sides, while another month you'll be making a rich Turkish soup with delicious stuffed breads followed by a Orange Halva cake spiced with cinnamon, cardamon and orange blossom. Magical meals await - so try something different and cook meat-free! SERVES: 4

From $14.50/mo.