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Cheltenham, GB
Whizz Pop Bang is an award-winning children’s science magazine that makes science fun and engaging for 6-12 year old kids. Each month’s magazine is jam-packed full of hands-on experiments, fascinating facts and discoveries, science news, as well as interviews with real scientists to spark those imaginations and help to inspire a love of science.
Whizz Pop Bang magazine - Subscription, from $3.33
Whizz Pop Bang magazine - Subscription

Packed full of engaging science features for 6-12 year old children, Whizz Pop Bang delivers hours of educational fun each month. With lots of ideas for exciting experiments to try at home, fun puzzles and science news, Whizz Pop Bang is designed to capture children's imaginations and instil a love of science from an early age - and all for only £3.99 a month - or from £3.33 on an annual payment plan.

From £3.33/mo.