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Bringing tools of enlightenment to your doorstep.

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  • Your box will ship on the 20th - 25th of every month. Please order by the 21st to get the current box.
  • Ships worldwide from United States
  • Subscriptions automatically renew. Cancel anytime
Grow your crystal collection with intuitively picked crystals and products to aid you on your path!
Awakening in a Box wants to join you on your journey of awakening through crystal energy. Let us bring you healing and positive energy every month with crystals picked intuitively just for you and products designed to aid you on your path toward enlightenment. Our goal is to support you as you strengthen your connection with the universe. Each crystal is cleansed and charged and comes with a detailed description card.
  • Awakening Box: Contains 3 healing crystals or stones and 2 products
  • Enlightened Box: Contains 5 crystals (guaranteed to have at least 2 more rare, bigger or cluster crystals each month), and 3 to 4 products
  • Items include: crystals, stones, energy sprays, natural soaps, jewelry, and much more!
  • We provide detailed crystal cards with tons of info!
Subscriber Reviews
4.5 of 5 stars
Love this crate!!!
by Aimee written 10 days ago
All items are beautiful, and are in great condition. Super excited to use the items in this box! Got it as an anniversary gift, but now I think I am going to become a monthly subscriber. Thank you!
The All Hallows Eve Box was Awesome!!
by Raine written 10 days ago
So, apparently you can leave more than one review. See my longer one from September about the over all service, as this review is only about the All Hallows Eve box from October. And in reality, it's more of a Thank You to the owners who work hard each month to create amazing new themes. I loved how this box, more than any other, actually worked as a whole. Each item was a vital component of the ritual, but then there were "souvenirs" to keep once the ritual was over. I'm having trouble communicating my thoughts today, but I loved the crystals, especially the size of the smokey quartz because it's perfect for my pocket (not too large, not too small), and I loved the size of the candle. I'm used to working with chime candles which are much smaller, so having a larger one (but again, not too large) was absolutely perfect. I loved the lavender oil roller ball blend, and apply it to my wrists every night before bed, and the key permanently resides on my keychain and follows me wherever I go. In the ritual, my symbol was a giant oak type tree, which surprised me. But I just loved everything about this box. I have always enjoyed your boxes, but this one felt like more than just a box of stuff to me. You know? It was an experience, a thing-to-do, along with keepsakes. Thank you so much for making my month! I've shut down my Instagram for personal reasons, but since I can write multiple reviews, I'll continue to review each box after it arrives, on cratejoy. Keep up the awesome work!
by Brittany written 17 days ago
I love this box! Everything inside seemed to be so perfect and well thought out. :) very happy!
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