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You Matter!® Box

Young people are under a lot of pressure. Uplift them every month; show them that they matter!

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  • We ship between the 17th and 20th of every month. Order by the 15th to receive the current months product.
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Young people are under a lot of pressure. Uplift them every month; show them that they matter!

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YouMatter!® box
The You Matter!® box was developed by Dr. Shannon Curtis, a practicing school counselor. After many meetings with students, it was found that many of them are feeling alone, depressed, suicidal, and invoking self-harm. This box is filled with encouraging, uplifting items to show them that they are loved, they are important, and they matter!
  • Curated by a practicing school counselor
  • Items to increase self-esteem and positive thinking.
  • Self-care for young people.
  • The box includes a therapeutic activity and 4-6 items.
  • Filled with relevant items to help teens & tweens cope with everyday pressure.


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by Kyna S., Mar 25, 2019

I'd give this a five star rating if one of the items in the box hadn't been missing. My son compulsively looked for the dolphin that was listed as an included item on the card. If possible we would love to receive that item so I can come back and update the review! The package was truly a pleasant surprise to my son. It's hard to gauge him sometimes but although his reaction (or lack thereof) was not what I expected it to be I still think it did him some good hear that myself as well as others thought that he was amazing. He is encouraged daily but I think a different form of encouragement and acknowledgement can do great things!
******5 STAR UPDATE!!!!! After reading my posted review, a representative reached out to me, apologized for the missing item, and offered to have it shipped to us free of charge. I believe we received it within that same week. I know it's being used because I find it in the dryer at least once a week. Thanks again!!!

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Bought This for My teenage Daughter

by April B., Feb 09, 2019

I bought this subscription for my daughter who has daily struggles with anxiety and self love. Getting these packages in the mail each month really lights her back up and puts a smile on her face. even though the contents aren't big extravagant items she loves each one as if they were because the content truly are a priceless gift to remind my daughter that she is loved and she is important. Thank you.

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Great box for anyone!

by Sharon D., Dec 06, 2018

My 17 yr old daughter was going through a difficult time when I came across the You Matter box. I thought it would be perfect for her. I was right! It helped give her the messages that she needed to hear - SHE matters, she is important, she is loved. She loved everything in the box and it was all good quality. Her favorite were the hand written personal notes - on a card and on a chalkboard. That was a wonderful touch that made her feel extra special. This box is great for all ages and really gives the message that, yes, YOU matter! We will order again and recommend it to anyone! Thank you for having a box with such a positive message.

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by Yvette A., Dec 03, 2018

I purchased the pack for my niece, who is having a tuff time starting high school. So far the pack has had items that she loves and uses. She always has a smile on her face when it arrives, even before she opens it.

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Great concept!

by Julie F., Nov 27, 2018

My 9 year old daughter has been receiving You Matter boxes for several months. She likes some boxes better than others, but every box gives us the opportunity to discuss self care. We enjoy taking time together to discuss the activities & items. It’s a hit for us.

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Love the idea but...

by Melissa M., Jan 22, 2019

I thought the price is too high for the little you get.

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Hoping for a complete package one day

by Missy P., Mar 11, 2019

I have kept this subscription since November as my daughter loves getting something just for her in the mail but we are yet to see a complete package. It’s often missing the encouraging project or just has a few small scraps of stuff. She got a t-shirt and whale (not dolphin) this time though which was the first usable item she received. She is carrying the whale everywhere. Great idea with a confusing follow through. I think this activity was supposed to be sending encouraging letters to others but she only got some random scraps of tape over a cut playing card and small advertisement cards to send without anything she could personalize to send others herself which would have been a great way to build her up by building others. For the price with shipping I guess is the stumbling block. Hopefully it continues to get better.

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You Matter!® Box said...
Dec 26, 2018

Hello! Thank you for taking the time to leave a review. We wanted to offer some clarification on a few things. You said that the November "box" was actually a bubble envelope, when the mini pack is what you had purchased & it does come in a padded envelope. The same is true for December. The mini pack is a smaller, more affordable option. The Mermaid tail/shark blankets were for the boxes only. We offer a card, a mini pack, and a box. The retail value of the items in the pack always equal to or exceed the items in the mini packs. For instance, retail prices are as follows: pen $8, journal cards $2, quote card $2, soap, $1.50, cord eater $5. Thanks so...

Little Cheap

by Kellihall, Jan 29, 2019

I LOVE the thought behind this box, and my daughter really enhiys getting something in the mail monthly. However, it would be nice if there was more, or more products, in the box. There are lots of activities, poems, etc, but kot a lot that she keeps as she normally only gets one or two things in each box that aren't paper products. If this were more involved, and had more keepable products, it would be amazing.

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Disappointed Mom

by Mikinzie E., Jan 25, 2019

Very disappointed with the box... As everything might add up to $5... I could have went to the dollar store and made it myself..... Hopefully the next box will be better...

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Wonderful idea!

by Kristina K., Sep 04, 2018

I get the envelope subscription. It is a nice, affordable way to support someone who needs to know that they are special. I have been very pleased with the contents and the reminders for taking positive steps towards a positive life.

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