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Shipping this a joke?

Nov 27, 2019
Joanie B.
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Disclaimer: This is a gift for christmas so I left it pretty much untouched and therefore I didnt see ALL that was in it, just on the surface because the box was broken when it came and I had to repair it a bit. Thats why I left most of my ratings to 3 stars but it might be higher or lower depending on whats truly inside,
However I really had to say how disappointed and mad at myself I am for choosing this box. Now most of it have to do with the delivering service, but it was such shyte service that I really hope this company find another shipping service. First of all, receiving the box itself was a real joke, I spent the whole week on the phone trying to find out where the package was (turns out it was about an hour drive away from my house) because the postman didnt leave any info on the note except: “you have 5 days to pick up your package” and when I dared call the customer service they told me it was my fault for missing said postman three time (very sorry, I work during the day...apparently to pay for the most expensive dog box ever) . I then had to pay 60 CAD$ Of fees to get said package which is more than I paid for the box itself. Wouldve like to know in advance there were additional fees to pay for as there is no way...

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