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The Monthly Book Club for Avid Readers...

Treat yourself to a unique reading experience every month! Peruse offers the best titles, complimented with hand selected items from small businesses, and delicious recipes. With each box you can expect 1 book, 3-4 curated items, 2 themed recipes, and discussion questions. We offer 2 genre clubs to ensure you'll get a title you love every month!
  • Always includes new and well-received titles - often with signed book plates
  • 3-4 themed full-sized items in every box, from small businesses across the globe
  • Themed cocktail and snack recipes included in every box
  • The perfect Valentine's Day gift for any book lover in need of a little self care!
  • Happy Valentine's Day! Use code BOOKLOVE at checkout for 50% off your first box with a 3,6, or 12 month prepaid subscription.

Customer Questions (2)


Q: I ordered this in November and received a tracking number that was “created”. This has never shipped. Is this company a scam?Asked by Melanie S., December 2021

Peruse Book Club answered...December 2021

Hi there,
No, we are definitely not a scam! Our many verified reviews from happy customers can speak to our validity.
We looked into your order and it looks like it may have been lost by the post office. We’re so sorry for the inconvenience and have reached out to you through email so that we can help get this issue resolved.


Q: Is this box okay for tweens/teens? Also do you often do mystery or historical fiction? Thanks! 😊 Asked by Scooby D., November 2021

Peruse Book Club answered...November 2021

Peruse is intended for readers who are 21+, as each box contains a cocktail recipe themed off of the monthly title.
We offer 2 clubs on Cratejoy, the Literary Fiction Club box, and the Mystery/Suspense Club box. The Literary Fiction Club does sometimes contain historical fiction titles :)

I've ordered this box as a gift for my 17 year old before. She tends to like literary fiction more than YA, so the titles and items worked for her, and I just took out the drink recipe. Depends on your kid and their maturity level or what they like to read!

by Sarah W., November 2021

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Not shipping anymore!

Nov 20, 2022
Verified Purchase
Nichole G.
3 Reviews
Subscribed for 1 year

I don’t know what Is going on with the business but the past few shipments have been SO LATE. I just received my SEPTEMBER subscription and it is NOVEMBER. They are supposed to ship by the end of the current month if your subscription is paid by the 15th of that month. My OCTOBER subscription hasn’t even been sent out and it’s almost thanksgiving.
I tried contacting the seller and they have not answered ANY of my messages. Cratejoy also contacted them and they didn’t respond either. I have had this subscription for over a year and I am sad that I am now going to be cancelling because of this. If they decide to come back with an explanation I would come back.
So very disappointed.

Such a cute and fun gift!

Feb 27, 2022
Verified Purchase
Debbie W.
1 Review
Subscribed for 3 months

Such a cute and fun box! Originally, I ordered this Peruse Book Club monthly box for my Mother 'n law, but she has suffered with some aging and memory issues. She didn't believe the box was hers, etc... So, instead of confusing her month to month, I had the Peruse Book Club sent to me instead. I just got "my" first box and it is adorable and cute and fun and colorful. Can't wait to read the book, put on my new sox, share my lapel pins, and drink tea. It was packaged prettily. I'm really happy with "my" gift.

Just what I needed!

Jan 19, 2022
Verified Purchase
Amanda S.
2 Reviews
Subscribed for 4 months

Love this book box. Just when I need to find a new book to buy, my peruse box shows up, and I have not been disappointed. I have enjoyed all of my boxes. I keep thinking just one more then I will be done, but I can't quit this box.

Quickly becoming a favorite book box!

May 11, 2021
Verified Purchase
Michele D.
30 Reviews
47 Pictures
57 Helpful
Subscribed for 3 months

UPDATE: This is a great book subscription that I am thoroughly enjoying. I've had the pleasure of receiving 6 of their boxes so far. And, am also reading the books featured in the other boxes I did not get each month. Their book selection is top notch, but I think the Missing Treasures of Amy Ashton book has been my favorite overall. They always choose creative and meaningful gifts to coordinate with the story. They also have good customer service. HIGHLY recommend this book box for yourself or for a gift.
To say I'm addicted to book subscription boxes would be a huge understatement. I've received HUNDREDS over the past 2 years... no joke. Peruse is quickly turning into my favorite one. I've received 2 boxes from them so far and feel like they hit it out of the park both times. I haven't read my second book yet but, I can say that the first book and companion gifts went together perfectly. It's like they took the essence of the book and pulled the most relevant parts of it out and gifted them to me with fun, usable items and recipes. I loved it so much! I'll definitely be extending this subscription.

Peruse Book Club said...Nov 01, 2021

Thank you so much for your review and the picture of your Missing Treasures box! We are so happy to hear that you are enjoying your subscription each month :)

High Quality Box!

Nov 03, 2021
Terry W.
2 Reviews
1 Picture
1 Helpful

Ooops accidentally left my review on the Mystery Club, so I'll repost here!
I have received the Mom Jeans and Other Mistakes box so far, and it is so much fun!
The items were all really cool - a manicure set, a bluetooth speaker in a really cute color, and the sweetest little chocolates! The book was signed by the author too which was kinda special. I hope my future boxes are as cool!

Never received

Dec 23, 2021
Verified Purchase
Melanie S.
1 Review
1 Helpful
Subscribed for 1 month

I’m super disappointed in this. I ordered this end of November. The only thing I’ve received was that a tracking number was created. Save your money and look elsewhere. Peace and Pages has been great so far!

Peruse Book Club said...Dec 27, 2021

I’m so sorry for the inconvenience with your order!
Your package was dropped off at the post office when the label was created, so it looks like it may have been lost by the carrier. We sent an email to you so that we can assist you in resolving this issue further.

Great Quality!

Oct 12, 2021
Tatiana M.
2 Reviews

Just got the Halloween Horror box in the mail! I'm a huge fan of The Shining, and this box is so cool! I loved the themed items, the bath bomb smelled amazing and loved that it had a crystal inside!! and the chocolates were cute and delicious. My favorite part was the super cool copy of the book, I have been searching for a hardcover and can never find one. Great box in terms of quality!

Peruse Book Club said...Nov 01, 2021

Thank you for the kind review, I'm so happy that you enjoyed your Halloween box!

Helpful Service and Perfect Gifts

Sep 22, 2021
Sarah W.
2 Reviews
1 Helpful

The owner was so so helpful and was able to send out a box to my friend for her birthday same day! She gave me a list of all the ones that were currently available and let me pick for the first one. Very grateful,

Peruse Book Club said...Nov 01, 2021

I'm happy that we were able to get your friend's birthday gift to her, I hope that she enjoyed her Peruse box!

Just do it

Sep 11, 2021
Barbara M.
2 Reviews

I love this box! I subscribed a few months ago from an Instagram ad and have been so happy with all of the titles so far. They are such a fun variety, and much less "cheesey" than some other book subscriptions I've been a member of.
The items I've gotten have been useful and tie to the book so wonderfully.
My only issue is that sometimes the boxes ship a few days after the end of the month, but that hasn't been problematic for me.
I haven't participated in any of the virtual meetings yet due to schedule conflicts, but would love to join at some point!

Peruse Book Club said...Nov 01, 2021

Hi Barbara,
Thank you for your review! We're so glad that you've been enjoying your subscription to Peruse.
We strive to include books that customers will be excited about each month :)

Peruse Fiction Club

Jan 20, 2021
Tori H.
1 Review
1 Picture
4 Helpful

loved my first fiction box! the midnight library was a beautiful book, and the items were so much fun. the old book scented candle was amazing!
i'm excited to see that ask again, yes is the upcoming pick too! both books were on my to read list :)

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