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Crystals, Jewelry, Organic Aromatherapy & Teas for spiritual growth

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  • Chakra Box will ship in the first full week of the month following your sign up date. Subscribe Now to receive your Luxe Earth Star Box in January!
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Chakra Balance Journey for spiritual growth
Chakra Box is an 9-month subscription starting at Earth Star and working through Ascension. Expect a monthly delivery of vegan luxe spiritual items & tools to enhance one in body, mind & spirit. All items are handpicked to correlate with each Chakra and to further assist you in your quest for wellbeing. Join us for a Chakra Balancing Journey!
  • Each Luxe Chakra Box includes 9-12 items including Organic synergy Aromatherapy items curated for each Chakra by Awaken Essential Oils
  • Exclusive Chakra Balancing Tea blends and Crystal/Gemstone Jewelry in every box
  • Each Luxe Chakra box contains multiple Gemstones, Crystals, Pyramids, Clusters, Points, Pendulums and more to assist in balancing the associated Chakra
  • Smudges, Palo Santo, Incense and a Digital Download for Meditation Music to assist in Chakra Balancing and purifying your space for Meditation
  • A Yantra sticker, Affirmations, Guided Meditation and Yoga pose are included in each Luxe Chakra Box and to further assist you in your Chakra Balancing Journey, you will receive an additional email providing detailed information regarding the Chakra

Subscriber Reviews

email instructions

by Rebecca, Oct 30, 2018

I enjoyed the contents of my first Chakra Box. The reason for four stars is that 3 days after I received the box, an email is sent with instructions for most of the items in the box. I wish the instructions were printed and included in the box itself.

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Chakra Box said...
Oct 30, 2018
I am so happy to hear you enjoy your first Chakra Box! I hope you found the accompanying insert with instructions on how to use the items on the back! Our additional email is sent once all US based orders have been delivered and includes extra information to assist you on your journey. Unfortunately sending all of this information in the box would require a lot of extra paper (not in alignment with our sustainable intentions) and increase shipping price for our subscribers. I do hope you continue to enjoy your Chakra Box Journey with us!

by Tina, Oct 29, 2018

I just got my first box & really love it! It took about 6 was to get though but I’m in Canada & maybe there’s certain times that they send out the boxes. Regardless the timing was perfect as the box is about the star chakra it seemed to fit my life situation where I am meeting new family & “re rooting” myself in life. 💜 I can feel the love & thought put into creating the box. It was lovely. My sacred space now has a new life breathed into it! The Tea was beautiful. I look forward to getting my next one 🦋 Thank you

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Very Nice

by Janeen, Oct 14, 2018

I subscribe to a few other "magical" type boxes. This is my 2nd box and I think it is quite nice. I really need to drop a few boxes for financial reasons and was going to do so with this box, but the 2nd box was just as cute as the first. The stones are very pretty and the altar cloth this month was beautiful. I really liked the surprise gift of a the chakra wind chime it is very unique. The only reason I give this 4 stars is that you get an email sent to you with further instructions on the items in the box, this is inconvenient for me as I cannot print, so I have to use my phone to read it as I am opening the box and this just takes some joy out of it. I would prefer that the instructions be printed and included in the box.

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