Comic Mystery Box
Get a box of 15 collector's comics with fast, free shipping! Request your favorite characters!

$27.95+ / month

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4.9 of 5 stars
by Tim written 25 days ago
I have received 2 months worth of this subscription and I love it! The one and only thing that I am bummed about is that they are not all bagged and boarded. They come in a well sealed priority mail box, and they are bagged, but having them boarded would add that extra protection in shipment.
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Great selection!
by RhondaSirokman-Thaut written last month
Received an awesome selection of comics every month including DC and Marvel which my son LOVES! This is a great value.
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by Haley written 3 months ago
I received 2 boxes before needing to cancel due to financial reasons. I am extremely happy with the 30 issues I received, and will definitely be back!
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by Benjamin written 6 months ago
Dave is great! He gave me a collection of comic books, some of which I've never seen in any comic store, in great condition! He includes first issues and comics from as far back as at least the 80s! Well worth the cost! Highly recommend!
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Great Comics
by Schwarz written 8 months ago
Comic Mystery Box is the best subscription box going. I don't know how they do it for such a low price. Highly recommended for anyone who likes comics!
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by Brooke written 11 months ago
Great subscription box
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These Guys Are Awesome!
by Paul written last year
these guys are awesome!..all marvel and dc..they include issue 1 and 2 of certain comics instead of putting like an issue 20 from the middle of a series, so people can start from the beginning..And they let you tell them if you prefer all marvel or all dc or a mix of both!...highly reccomend comic mystery box to all comic fans! also get variants in every box!
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