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Creation Crate is a subscription that teaches electronics & coding using hands-on projects

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Learn Electronics & Coding With Hands On Projects
Creation Crate uses hands-on projects to teach 21st century skills! Users receive a new project/course every 30 days with access to an Online Classroom. Projects become more challenging as you learn new skills. All projects and courses are approved by STEM,org
  • Each project includes access to an Online Classroom with video lessons and step by step instructions
  • No prior programming experience needed
  • Trusted by thousands of makers in over 65+ countries!
  • Projects become more challenging as you learn new skills
  • All curriculums are approved by STEM,org (3rd party STEM accreditor)



Q: Can I use a PC with the crate instead of a Mac or apple computerAsked by Calvin H., June 2019

Hi Calvin,

Absolutely! You can use any computer with Creation Crate projects.


by Chris G., June 2019

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Great for my Library Tech Program

Apr 10, 2019
George S.
1 Review
2 Helpful Votes

I am a teen library and my (teen) patrons love tech. I wanted something that could challenge several different skill levels and Creation Crate was the answer. My advanced students can write code and my beginners can create circuits.

Awesome Concept

Feb 20, 2019
James H.
1 Review

Back in the 80s, when I was in High School, I was very adept at programming in BASIC, and was able to work with a couple of other languages of that era as well. Needless to say I had a strong interest in engineering and programming. Life took me in a different direction though. Lately I've been interested in getting back into programming, but was kind of at a loss of where to start, not being familiar with the languages in use today. I've read a few books, and have worked a bit on simple coding but I really wanted something more hands on to get me launched.

When I came across Creation Crate I was ecstatic - it is just the thing I have been looking for - hands on projects and coding using C! I've just finished the first project - a Mood Lamp and I am overjoyed, The project is not overly complicated, but it is challenging enough to keep you on your toes! As I read, the crates become progressively more challenging, so I'm looking forward to the coming months! In the meantime I am very motivated to work with C and the Arduino independently until the next crate arrives! I've even ordered a second Arduino unit to use so that the one I received from CC is dedicated to Creation Crate.

In short, I am very pleased with both the crate and the company - their communication with clients and documentation included with the crate...

Verified Purchase

Monthly Crates

Feb 02, 2019
Harold D.
1 Review

One of the best presents I have received! I only wish we had something like this when I was younger!

Loved the first project...can't wait for

Jan 02, 2019
Claudia L.
1 Review

I really enjoyed putting the Mood Lamp project together. I only had minor glitches with my programming, total learning curve things, and a few of the wires easily pulling out of their slots. Once I got those kinks worked out, the Mood Lamp worked perfectly every time it was used!!

Verified Purchase

Projects are great

Apr 30, 2019
Michael G.
1 Review

I ordered 3 month gift for my son at Christmas...
Received first 2 boxes... third box arrived very late. I was contacted by Creation Crate and was explained the situation regarding the late delivery. I appreciate that Creation Crate reached out to me to explain and I feel better about my purchase as they are taking measures to improve their customer service.
The projects themselves are a great learning experience.

Verified Purchase
Creation Crate said...

Mr. Michael,

We are very sorry for the delayed shipment and especially the lack of timely communication from us. We have worked hard to sort out this issue and are in the process of shipping out the delayed projects as soon as possible. We have done two main things to ensure that this does not happen again:
1- We have implemented a process to ensure that the purchase orders we submit are more clear and another process to check each part before it leaves the factory.
2- We have a process to trigger a message that will go out to customers at a specified time if we encounter an issue, with subsequent messages to keep you informed if we encounter a prolonged delay.

Apr 29, 2019

Kids Enjoying

Apr 04, 2019
Kelly K.
3 Reviews

My kids enjoy this box and look forward to finding out what each month's project will be.

Verified Purchase

Pretty cool!

Mar 16, 2019
Benjamin S.
1 Review

I loved the opportunity to mess around with the given code and see if I can get it to do different things. I’m currently working on a different way to code the program because the original I was given I didn’t quite understand. I also tried to code the buzzer to play different tones but it appears the buzzer is made to only operate at a certain frequency (my father is thinking about getting me a speaker to hook up to it- he works with arduinos a lot at his job)

Good Product

Feb 11, 2019
1 Review

This product is really good and it's cool to builld it !

Its good

Feb 01, 2019
H M.
1 Review

Its good at being a kit

Bad Video and audio quality

Apr 21, 2019
Irene G.
1 Review

We tried to follow the video but it was very tough to understand. 1st the audio fade in and out and even at the highest setting it was not loud enough. 2nd the filming angle is always from Top down with no zoom in for close up at important intervals. Moreover, the narrator's hand is always blocking what he is demonstrating. My kid got so frustrated and just eventually gave up. I'm now struggling on my own to trouble shoot the creation. A pity as the concept of the crates is good but just lack professional editing, videography skills.

Verified Purchase
Creation Crate said...

Hi Ms. Irene,

This is David Hehman and I am one of the Founders of Creation Crate. It is me that you see in the videos. We are working really hard to create something amazing for our students and really hate it when it appears that is not the case.

I took another look another look at the instructions for the Mood Lamp project. Specifically, I watched the step-by-step video again. I made an update to the viewing window that will allow it to resize based on the student's screen size and enabled a new feature that reduces the margins around the lesson. Both of these things should make the video larger and easier to see.

This is one of the newer...

Apr 29, 2019
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