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I really wanted to love this

Feb 02, 2021
Karen O.
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I really wanted to love this subscription, but it wasn't as nice as I was hoping. All of the stones were basic common stones that can be bought at any rock shop for a lot less money. That would've been ok, if the jewelry was actually sterling silver or better quality then what I received. One of the bracelets was just a leather strap wrapped around two stones with glue which one of the stones has already falling out. The other bracelet is just a bunch of stones on a flimsy hair tie type material. None of the pieces that I received look close to what is pictured. Every jewelry piece I received is flimsy and cheap looking. Honestly, I don't want to continue for those reasons.

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Crystal Gemstone Shop said...Feb 02, 2021

Hi Karen,
Thank you for your feedback :) We pride ourselves on finding unique, eccentric, and daily-wear pieces that can be enjoyed while giving our customers an incredible deal.
I do not believe you could purchase all the items in this box at any rock shop for a lot less money. I went to Etsy and shopped numerous shops to get an average of prices for the exact (or very similar) items:
Sterling Silver & Opal Pendant = $25
Opalite Heart = $8
Rose Quartz Nugget Bracelet = $12
Black Tourmaline & Amethyst Waxed Cord Bracelet = $15
Carnelian Pendant = $8
Desert Rose (Selenite Rose) = $5
Total = $73
Our cost for the box is $21.95 + shipping
I see you have only received 1 box from us and our boxes...

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