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4.9 of 5 stars
by Tammy written Jun 07, 2018
I am in complete gratitude for this box. I went on a transformational trip to Colorado. Warrior Goddess wisdom weekend. Complete transformation! I came home Monday struck with complete sorrow. My fur child was crossing over. My heart aches. I used my unicorn tarrot on him-Miracle card was his chosen word. After he was assisted in passing. I rested. Opened the first box ever. To find it was the unicorn box! Complete beauty. Thank you!!!! I found peace in this. Thank you
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Gorgeous Presentation, High Quality Box!
by Samantha written May 30, 2018
I had to steal back several items from my tween girls, who were just delighted with the whole thing. High quality items, stunning presentation and branding make up for an absolute win, order with confidence -- actual pictures shared to Instagram :)
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First time
by Amanda written May 22, 2018
I really enjoyed my May box, this is my first time getting a box and I loved what was in It! Tho it was the mini box, it really makes me want to try a bigger one! I am happy with everything I got!
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Loving this!
by Rose written May 21, 2018
This is my second crate...the unicorn crate and I am totally mad about it! The items were so well made and lovely. I am not revealing what I got,in case there are folks out there who like me enjoy the surprise. I am so happy,that I upgraded my subscription!! I encourage everyone who is interested in the crystal world to try this box! You will not be discouraged
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by Deborah written May 08, 2018
Just received my first box, love it! Being in Canada i had to pay duties and taxes at my door, which i was not expecting, but otherwise the goodies inside are beautiful. Happy imsigned up for the 3 monthdeal, cant wait for next month.!! 😊
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Loved it!!
by Jessica written May 01, 2018
I subscribed to the WO WOo Box and boy was I happy when it came. I loved everything in it and I look forward to May’s!!
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Crystals and Gemstones
by Kathleen written Apr 15, 2018
I absolutely loved my first box I got in March and am excited to see what comes this month! This is definitely the best monthly Ive ever joined! Been looking for one and none fit til I found this. Thank you! Kathleen Gensman
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So Unique! I love this box!
by Courtney written Apr 04, 2018
I recently purchased a crystal box from Crystals, Gemstones, and Jewels and I received such a beautiful cluster and some items I never thought of trying. I love getting surprised and learning more about these fabulous crystals and the metaphysical properties. They’ve made a huge difference in my life. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed :)
by Becky written Mar 15, 2018
I enjoyed everything, except I was disappointed in the necklace. It was only strung on a piece of string, and fir this price, it seems to me, it could have been strung on something a little nicer!
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What an amazing box!!
by Danielle written Feb 17, 2018
I absolutely loved the self love February box. The little heart filled with red sand was so beautiful as well as all the crystals with explanations. The bath salts smelt amazin too!
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