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Wonderful gift for friends!
by Roy written Aug 09, 2018
I bought this as a gift and my friend absolutely loved it! Each month you will receive an assortment of beautiful crystals, semiprecious stones, charms, or talisman. Each month has a theme. The employees work HARD and it’s obvious they love their jobs. It shines through in the work they do.
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I love everything!
by Courtney written Jul 29, 2018
I love everything I have ever received from Crystals, Gemstones, and Jewels! I get so excited each month when I get a notification that my crystals are on their way. What I love the most is the theme for each month and the corresponding crystals, you can tell that there is love in every box they package. I am so blessed to have found this box!! <3
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Not worth the price
by Erica written Jul 28, 2018
Hi guys, I am really sorry to do this but I subscribe to both the VIP and the Woo box. This month, neither were worth their price. As a Florida resident, the woo box came with a skirt wrap, 2 standard sea shells, a mini-bottle of sea shells and a plastic flowered lei and hair clip that I can buy at the dollar store. It even had a tiny plastic surf board and drink umbrellas... yes, the keychain said it was made in Hawaii but it looks like any trinket that I could get in Key West. I appereciate the plant, and the salt candle holder but the whole box is not worth $33 a month. The VIP box had items to build a fairy terrarium. Between the string lights that are to be placed into the jar of bath salts, miniature 2in fairy statue, the dirt/rocks, and variety/rarity/and size of crystals provided this is NOT worth $99 a month! Oh and another plastic flower hair clip. I hope next month is better :(
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Boxes full of wonderful
by Diane written Jul 06, 2018
I looked forward to getting my box each month. Every month has awesome items and I learned something new with each one. Highly recommend!
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by Katie written Jul 04, 2018
This is my favorite crystal box that I’ve received so far. The best quality crystals (and that’s the main reason I subscribe). The jewelry was not my taste and I could have done without the mini grid. A bigger grid on paper would have been better. But that’s just my opinion. You can’t love everything in every box. I unsubscribed, but only because I saw that they had a new website and I wanted to support them there. I can’t wait to get my next box. Also I’ve had many people ask me for a discount code or referral program. Y’all ready rock!
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Omg I’m in love!
by Courtney written Jun 24, 2018
I was so estatic with this month’s box and the stones are gorgeous. I’m so happy with everything. I cannot wait for next month! Thank you so much!
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First experience
by Nichelle written Jun 23, 2018
After much debate, I decided to begin practicing again but more seriously so I ordered the Woo Woo box. I liked what was included in the box for June. Although, I had hoped for a crystal to begin my collection. Beautiful items but nothing stood out to me as unique or worthwhile. Lovely box, but not for me.
by Zander written Jun 07, 2018
I am in complete gratitude for this box. I went on a transformational trip to Colorado. Warrior Goddess wisdom weekend. Complete transformation! I came home Monday struck with complete sorrow. My fur child was crossing over. My heart aches. I used my unicorn tarrot on him-Miracle card was his chosen word. After he was assisted in passing. I rested. Opened the first box ever. To find it was the unicorn box! Complete beauty. Thank you!!!! I found peace in this. Thank you
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Gorgeous Presentation, High Quality Box!
by Samantha written May 30, 2018
I had to steal back several items from my tween girls, who were just delighted with the whole thing. High quality items, stunning presentation and branding make up for an absolute win, order with confidence -- actual pictures shared to Instagram :)
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First time
by Amanda written May 22, 2018
I really enjoyed my May box, this is my first time getting a box and I loved what was in It! Tho it was the mini box, it really makes me want to try a bigger one! I am happy with everything I got!
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