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The Deadbolt Mystery Society

Solve a new stand-alone mystery each month from The Deadbolt Mystery Society.

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Plans as low as $22.50 / month
Product Overview
  • Our new box is The Strange Case of Mr. Mindgame. All subscribers who sign up from Jan 1-31 will receive The Strange Case of Mr. Mindgame as their first box. All boxes will ship sometime in the first full week of February. Subscriptions automatically renew on the 11th of each month thereafter. Past boxes can be purchased on our website.
  • Ships worldwide from United States except for
  • Subscriptions automatically renew. Cancel anytime
Unbox a mystery! Solve a crime! Close the case!
The Deadbolt Mystery Society Monthly Box is for lovers of mystery/suspense & for those who love puzzle solving. Each month subscribers will receive a new stand-alone case file with everything needed to close the case & SOLVE THE MYSTERY! Brought to you by the creative minds behind Deadbolt Escape Rooms! Designed for sleuths & puzzle enthusiasts!
  • Stand-alone stories that don't require other boxes to complete
  • Immersive scenarios, intriguing characters, and original compelling stories!
  • 3 and 6 month gift subscriptions available!
  • Interactive mysteries filled with everything you need to solve a crime and catch a criminal!
  • Great gift for friends and family who love mysteries and puzzle-solving

Subscriber Reviews

Deadbolt Mysteries

by Sloane, 2 days ago

So, I subscribed to another mystery box for almost two years and, reluctantly, realized I wasn't getting any sort of payoff. It was fun to speculate, but the rabbit holes soon started feeling like an abyss. I read all the reviews and decided to go with Deadbolt Mystery Society. I am so glad I did! These individual boxes are challenging, fun, and there's a huge payoff when you solve the mystery! I've completed six and have three more to go, and I can hardly wait to start the next box. If you've been disappointed in other subscription services, try Deadbolt before you write off the genre for good. You won't be sorry!

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First one done

by Jullie, 2 days ago

The deadbolt mystery Wow I loved it. Problem solving, clues , amazing just ordered the next 6 months worth. I cant wait! 5 stars for me!

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Loved the detective work!

by Lakeida, 7 days ago

This is my first box and I dug in straight away as i wanted to have enough time to cancel my next months subscription if it was not up to par. I am glad to say, I enjoyed this very much and I am looking forward to my next box. The only reason it 4/5 is because of the logic puzzle aspects. Don't get me wrong, they worked them into the story very well, but I am more interested in true detective work and deduction based on motive, means, and opportunity.

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