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Dripbox - Coffee from local, independent roasters

Hey there, we’re Dripbox! Our passion is to connect you with independent artisanal roasters across the US to deliver fresh, quality coffee to your doorstep.
  • Local, premium coffee delivered to your door
  • Coffee sampler box
  • Consistent rotation of roasters to keep things interesting
  • All coffees ship as whole beans!

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Q: I received a Dripbox 4 pack sample medium roast for a Christmas gift. I have 2 more months worth that I am supposed to receive. Is there any way to change it to Dark Roast the med. roast is very weak.Asked by Steve S., December 2020

Dripbox - Sampler Coffee Box answered...December 2020

Hi Steve,
We're so excited to have you with us! Unfortunately, most local, premium roasters either have 1 or 0 dark roast offerings available. As such, we don't offer a dark roast box yet. However, Since we do partner with an array of roasters, I can definitely take note of this and we will try our best to source the darkest coffees that we can for you for your remaining 2 months. We know everyone has different tastes and we hope to be able to provide a dark roast box soon as we partner with more and more roasters, but we will do our best for your remaining 2 months to make it as dark as possible.
Hope that you had a great Christmas and...


Q: Is it organic or gluten-free? Asked by Christopher C., September 2020

Dripbox - Sampler Coffee Box answered...September 2020

Due to the fact that we partner with many premium roasters in order to bring the highest quality coffee available to you, I am unable to guarantee that every single roast that they all provide is organic. However, all of our roasters are of the highest quality and I highly encourage all of our subscribers to check out the joint content that we produce with them on our Instagram, our Facebook, and our Podcast (Sip The Drip with Dripbox). All of our roasters hold themselves to the highest standards of quality.
As for the gluten free question, yes all the coffee is gluten free. The only chance that there would be for a gluten contamination would be in the production process if packing was done...


Q: Is it ground or whole bean? Can we have the opposite?Asked by Christopher C., September 2020

Dripbox - Sampler Coffee Box answered...September 2020

All of our coffee is whole bean. This may change in the future, but our main reasoning for this is for freshness of the coffee. Once you grind the coffee, you lose a considerable level of freshness with each passing day. We currently feature Baratza coffee grinders on our website and are also working diligently to bring some high quality burr hand-grinders for those that don't want to invest in a Baratza grinder.
Sit back, relax and #sipthedrip


Q: How much coffee comes in a box?Asked by Christopher C., September 2020

Dripbox - Sampler Coffee Box answered...September 2020

Each box comes with 4 samples, each containing 3 ounces of coffee for a total of 12 ounces. We are proud to be among the coffee subscription sampler boxes with some of the highest amount of coffee. Many boxes have samples that are considerably less than 3oz each.
When we started Dripbox, we wanted everyone to be able to enjoy each roast they received and have enough coffee with each box to last them a while. Obviously for those that drink a ton of coffee, it will run out faster, but we're very happy to ship 12oz in every sampler box!
We also have 12oz bags available for purchase on our website if the 12oz in the sampler box isn't enough for you!
Lastly, we do also...

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Great gift for a coffee lover

Mar 11, 2021
Sam T.
1 Review

Purchased a dripbox subscription as a gift for 3 months, and it was perfect! It’s such a fun surprise to give. My partner loved the coffees and the box aesthetic was very nice. The owners do a great job with the product and the support too. We had some COVID-19 related shipping delays and the owners were communicative and accommodating. The email list and social media accounts are active so it’s easy to see what the company is up to!

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