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Say goodbye to dry, itchy eyes with this Dry Eye Subscription Box!
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My Dry Eye Box- say goodbye to dry, itchy eyes!

GO TO WWW.MYDRYEYEBOX.COM FOR MORE PACKAGES AND OPTIONS! New subscription service brought to you by a Board Certified Ophthalmologist. At My Dry Eye Box you will have access to the best dry eye treatments delivered to your door AND access to our on-call doctor 24/7 for any questions you may have about your dry eye or drops.
  • The best products to treat your dry eye
  • Eye drops chosen by Ophthalmologists using clinical and evidence based medicine
  • Access to our on-call doctor with all memberships to answer any dry eye questions
  • Competitive pricing with average savings of $3 per product when compared to retailers

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Q: How many bottles of eye drops are expected in the boxes? Anything else included that is not mentioned? Asked by Chasity L., November 2021

My Dry Eye Box answered...November 2021

Thank you for the question!
Our boxes vary in the products in them and the quantity based on the severity of your dry eyes. For example:
The Mild Dry Eye Box comes with three 10-15mL bottles of artificial tears and this box is sent to you every three months, so one bottle per month is provided. In the Mild Box there are no other products.
The Moderate Dry Eye Box comes with a box of preservative free artificial tears which includes 30 vials. This package can also come with a box of 30 eyelid scrubs for those who have eyelid or eyelash problems (good for those people who wake up in the morning and their lids feel stuck together). This box is...

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Subscription is beyond Amazing!!#1 for e

Nov 16, 2021
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Jessica B.
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Subscribed for 10 days

WOW!!! Yes, I am definitely going to take my time for this company to write my overall opinion of this Subscription Box for you could tell that much thought, knowledge, and consideration went into making this subscription box for my son!! It was shipped & at my step at record breaking speeds!! My son lives everyday with severe dry eyes due to an eye degeneration disease that he was born with. He's been wearing glasses since one years old and after much begging, because he was getting bullied in school, he was finally able to switch over to contacts at just 10 yrs old. My son's whole life, all he's ever wanted to do was drive....when the doctors said, because of his eyes we'd never get to see that day, we all broke down... but we never lost our hope. With much help from many eye doctors, switching to hard contacts, he had finally past the eye test and is now driving and we are so blessed. Our concerns with his eyes are serious though because it's a matter of when he'll become blind. We take all of his eye medicines, prescription & Non- Prescription very seriously as you could imagine. I saw this subscription and just thought, "What could it hurt to give it a try?" I mean, when we go to the store, most the time we have to substitute what he really needs because they never have it in stock & if by chance they do...

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