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A monthly subscription of RPG accessories for Dungeons & Dragons and other role playing games.

Plans as low as $35.17 / month

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Pleasantly surprised!

by Carlos V., Jun 15, 2018

I've been burned before by RPG-themed subscription boxes. Nothing but advertisements, pre-written adventures for heavily specific obscure systems, random people's character drawings, and other cringe-y box "bonuses". I took a risk with this one, but definitely came out very surprised by what we get. This is a box for GMs: system-neutral adventure hooks and modules for on-the-fly creation, usable terrain pieces for player immersion, 7-set dice sets and additional dice for the collection, and sweet in-universe coins from Game of Thrones, Conan, and more! I didn't expect so much actually usable content in any subscription box when taking this risk, and that's certainly what you get here.

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This crate is GRRRREAT!

by Suzanne H., Jun 15, 2018

I was excited when I first saw this crate. Mostly because I love getting tabletop gaming stuff, but also because the company is right here in my hometown of Omaha.

I had a few snafus at first but all of them were handled wonderfully by the staff of DungeonCrate. My husband and I even got to take a tour of where the magic happens.

They are putting out a good quality product, and what impresses me the most about the actual product, is there are links included on all items, so if you like an item and want more of them, or just want to see what that manufacturer has to offer, you can use the description card in your box and go online and check out the various companies.

The 3rd crate was dice themed and I think was the best yet. I'm looking forward to see what happens next each month.

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An Awesome Adventurer's Monthly Crate

by Jacob J., Jun 15, 2018

We were very excited to be a part of this new subscription service! The first couple boxes had some pretty cool items as the company got it's feet beneath them and the third box is where they really took off. First couple of boxes had some cool items like minted coins, card decks, a shotglass, a 3d cast of a fountain, a set of 3d zombie figures, some 2d adventurer figures, terrain pieces, and in this new box we've received items such as custom 12-sided 4-sided dice, a full set of dice in a handcrafted genuine leather dice pouch, oversized 20-sided dice, another minted coin, and even an acrylic dice tower with their logo and the company name that designed them! Can't wait to see what comes next!!

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Fantastic Fantasy

by Sarah C., Jun 15, 2018

Dungeon Crate is the best box subscription if you're a Gamer. Every box has something to spur the imagination. Not for everyone, as it is a luxury item. But if you play 5e or Pathfinder, you'll get alot of amazing stuff to enhance your campaign. Been a subscriber since the beginning.

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Love the Service

by Chelsie B., Jun 15, 2018

We have received our first two boxes and are already anxiously awaiting our third. We love every item Wayne sends us and we really love the community he is building with his social media. We interact with Wayne directly at least twice a week. We have gained many long distance friendships in the world of D&D and it has been great!

Please be aware there are no refunds for this crate, you may cancel but will not be refunded, it is very clear in all of their marketing and service information.
I love opening our boxes on YouTube, if you are still curious search Dungeon Crate on YouTube for unboxings and see me and fellow adventurers showing off the contents of our past boxes!

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Not worth the money

by Douglas W., Aug 27, 2018

One or two fun items is not worth the $36 price tag. Most of the "value" in these sets come from the pre-built adventure and maps that came in each box. If you write your own adventures, this is not the subscription for you. I may consider coming back if they drop the price to $20, but as of now it is not worth it. I've cancelled my subscription after 2 months.

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Dungeon Crate™ said...
May 07, 2019

Sorry you feel this way. There will be no price drop in the future as we would actually like to stay in business. We pack the crate every month with more than $36 of treasures outside of our adventures. One look at any of our social media or website will confirm the items we put in are of value. That said, if these items don't work for you, we suggest another service for sure. All depends on play style and taste. We totally get that. After five years, I think we have our system down regarding price and value. It is a favorite subscription for many all over the globe. Want a $20 box? Get an Adventure Vault instead from our online store. No subscription....

Strong Crate, Good Staff

by Patrick M., Jun 15, 2018

As a hobbyist role player, finding a crate program for RPGs was exciting. Other "nerdy" crates often have too much fluff and not enough substance.

I've gotten three crates from Dungeon Crate so far, and I haven't been unhappy with any of them. The first and third crate were better than the second one, but partly that's from personal usefulness.

The crate sub is pretty expensive, however, and though they list the prices of everything in the crate and how much of a discount you are getting, I do feel like it's right on the edge of value. If every crate felt to me as the second crate did, I would probably cancel my sub, even enjoying it as I have.

In each crate there are generally 2-3 things that I'd consider the main event. Often these are like card decks, miniature terrain, and such. There's also the ephemera; dice, bookmarks, pins, small adventures, etc. So far I have found use for a lot of what is in the crate, with some even inspiring me to try new things at the table. The best things I've gotten so far, in my opinion, are the ArcKnight Flat Plastic Minis, the Critical Deck sample and table from Nord Games, the Quest cards (can't recall the producer currently), and any of the plastic terrain (I believe it's laser etched).

That being said, I would recommend the crate in it's current state to a hobbyist RPGer more than a more casual (not meant in a bad way) gamer....

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...cut to the bone.

by William S., Jun 15, 2018

I understand there is a direct connection between value for my dollar versus profit versus satisfaction, It would be naive to expect $100 worth of items for a price of $25 but in this my FIRST crate, I didn't FEEL that I broke even. I will reserve my full judgment until next month when I receive my second crate, stay tuned.

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by Aleema, Jun 15, 2018

I really don't feel I am getting my money's worth with this box. I get small goofy trinkets that I probably will not use. Part of your box is digital, so it really feels scarce and unsatisfying to open. I hate to say this but other RPG boxes are much more satisfying and like you actually get more than your money's worth or more. But for Dungeon Crate... I definitely got a big disappointing "that's it?" in my mind after both of my boxes. The support is really, really fast and nice, but it doesn't make up for the fact that it feels that it feels like you get 10 bucks worth of stuff, tops. And also there's collector's coins in the boxes? I hate them because it feels like they take up the space for something actually useful, which isn't actually the case but I'm feeling burned at the moment.

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Horrible Service!

by Jennifer W., Jun 15, 2018

I ordered a 6th month subscription for my son-in-law but he decided he would rather have something else. I was able to cancel the subscription before the first box shipped out but after emailing three different times over the last 6 weeks about getting a refund on my money I have still yet to receive any response. If you anticipate needing to have any customer service at all, DO NOT get this box! They got my money and I got NOTHING.

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