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Subscriber Reviews

4.4 of 5 stars
Great quality leggings!!
by Marlo written 5 days ago
These leggings are super soft and opaque. The print is a purple tribal print which is not my normal style but I think they are fun and will be a great casual day look.
Material questions
by Christina written 10 days ago
I know leggings have to have some stretch ie non-natural /man-made fabrics or materials in them, but are they all the same? Is it possible to know what materials/ratio to stretch the items will or might be? I try to wear as many natural fibers as possible it's not an ethical or lifestyle choice, I have to take medication that makes me really warm all the time and cotton and natural fibers/ materials tend to keep me the most comfortable.
by Crystal written 29 days ago
They fit perfectly, they are so soft, and the pattern was pretty. They did not seem cheap at all. I'm very happy with my leggings!
Awesome! First time buyer.
by Nancy written 3 months ago
I wasn't sure if I would enjoy some leggings. Glad I tried. I love the print and they fit perfectly!
by JaneLimbach written 3 months ago
Elephants are my favorite. When I opened the package and pulled out a pair of leggings covered in elephants I was thrilled. They are soft, comfortable and perfect! Thank you and Namaste.
Great Pair
by Carrie written 3 months ago
I really liked my first pair of leggings I received yesterday. Black and white elephants. I hope next month is more colorful!
by Megan written 3 months ago
Omg y'all...so soft, so cute, so we'll priced. It's amazing
Nice quality
by Nicole written 4 months ago
Wasnt into the length or the pattern but they are so comfortable and so soft and good quality
Excellent Product and Value
by Jennifer written 4 months ago
This is my fourth month receiving leggings through Enjoy Leggings and I have to say I am very impressed. After purchasing leggings from LuLaRue, which are great, these leggings for almost half the price are comparable. They fit great, they are VERY soft, the patterns are nice. I am a size 16W; I ordered the XXL and they fit PERFECTLY. At the moment, I have a drawer FULL of leggings, so I'm going to take a break until fall, but I have to recommend Enjoy Leggings and I have every intention to resubscribe come October. I think the product is great, shipping is timely and communication via email is excellent. If you're on the fence, give them a try.
So soft!
by Marcella written 5 months ago
I've been subscribing to them for three months and the leggings fit great! they aren't too small and the patterns don't fade or become stretched out even after washing. They're super soft too!