Escape the Crate
An "escape the room" game in your own living room!

$29.99+ / 2 months

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4.9 of 5 stars
Great Family Game Night
by Annette written 6 days ago
My family and I played The Abe Lincoln game. We loved the challenging puzzles and the historical elements.
Great if you like puzzles!
by Brandon written Apr 18, 2018
I have tried several escape room in a box or book products. This is by far the best. There are other boxes that invest more in the story or production value, but to me they miss the point. Escape the Crate invests all its money into the puzzles. They give you just enough story to keep you interested in solving the next puzzle. Each box comes with around 8-12 little puzzles that lead from one to the next like an escape room. Then the final puzzle uses parts found from all the others. It is great, and I only wish it were every month. Also the production value has been increasing, as I assume more people subscribe. If you are the type of person who would like to do an escape room every other month, I know that you will like Escape the Crate.
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Perfect Game Night
by Erin written Apr 17, 2018
We love Escape rooms and puzzles! We've tried a few other boxes like this one on Cratejoy, but they all felt pretty simple and not worth the money. We won a copy of Escape the Crate at a school auction and fell in love immediately. We played the Bonnie and Clyde box and the puzzles felt just like we were in a real escape room. There were several moments where we felt stuck, but then when we got a hint, everything made so much sense. Very clever. I also loved the end with the multiple endings. In short, this was so much fun and I think I might sign up with my own family.
LOVED IT!!!!!!!
by Patty written Apr 15, 2018
I rarely ever review things that I purchase, but I have to make an exception for Escape the Crate. We LOVED IT!!!!! Our family has been to many escape rooms on vacations and we were skeptical to try an escape room at home. We were very pleasantly surprised. The materials were nice and the puzzles were really well thought out. We loved the blacklight and some of the props were really clever. It took our family about 55 mins to get through "Escape: the Queen's Curse" and it is probably our favorite of the ones we have played so far. We strongly recommend it to anyone who loves puzzles, escape rooms, or history.
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The trials of Houdini
by Shayla written Apr 14, 2018
This is our second one and this was a bit frustrating. One of the envelopes said it opened with 4 numbers and it opened with two words. Another opened with 5 numbers and only needed 4. Because of this, we needed several hints to figure out what we already knew.
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Great fun with teenagers!
by Lisa written Mar 21, 2018
My husband, 16 year-old, 14 year-old, and I have played two games now and we loved it! It's not easy to find something that we can all do together, so this means a lot to me. The attention to detail is great, there is a real sense of tension and teamwork, and you might even learn something. :)
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So MUCH fun!!!!!
by Patty written Mar 19, 2018
We have been a little bit behind on playing these games, but we went through 3 of them this holiday weekend! They are wonderful and are the perfect balance of challenging and engaging. I especially like the "aha" moments when you realize something has been hidden in plain sight the entire time. I also really like the historical element behind each crate. Keep up the great work!
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by Beth written Mar 18, 2018
We just finished our first Escape the Crate box (the heist of Bonnie and Clyde) and it was a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon with family. One star off for the final puzzle which WAS frustrating and didn't make complete sense even after reading all the clues on the replay. Still, we're looking forward to the next box!
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by Dave written Mar 08, 2018
Absolutely loved our experience with the Bonnie and Clyde crate. It was our first one and we did it last night. We would highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys escape rooms. Looking forward to purchasing more in the future!
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Such a great time!
by Brandon written Feb 16, 2018
I have done escape rooms, and several puzzle boxes. This is my favorite. Other boxes have a bit more production value, but this one has just enough to let the puzzles really shine. I have done 2 escapes and each one was unique with interesting puzzles. My only complaint is that it is only every other month. I would pay for every month if the quality stays the same.
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