Escape the Crate
An "escape the room" game in your own living room!

$29.99+ $27.99+ / 2 months

Subscriber Reviews

5.0 of 5 stars
Really fun!
by Stephanie written today
My 8 year old son and I stretched our game across two days. We had a blast. We like to play non-computer games together and have a little collection but nothing this fun. Another reviewer mentioned too many envelopes but we considered the different stages/envelopes exciting and fun to open. We can't wait for our next box!
Definitely worth it
by Stacey written 9 days ago
Just finished my first crate with friends. We had a lot of fun and were impressed by the puzzles. The reason for 4 stars is that a bit of the ambiance was lost by having envelope after envelope to solve and not real locks or physical pieces required to solve anything. But for the price, this was well worth the money. Will recommend it to others (and maybe modify it for friends to do to lessen the room for critique outlined above.)
Barely solved it in time!
by JohnKerchner written 13 days ago
My wife and kids got me the subscription and we just got thru the first crate! It was so much fun. We needed a few of the hints and all but two minutes to solve it. We are already looking forward to the next one! Highly recommend it!
Soooooooo awesome
by Megan written 20 days ago
Wow... I am lost for words. I literally just finished my mission. This escape box was amazing. I have done escape rooms before so I wanted to try out this subscription. The clues were so clever and creative. They even provided props. It was so much fun! For anyone who loves problem solving then this is the subscription for you. I wish it was an every month subscription but after seeing how intricate and detailed the mission was- it is worth it! I will definitely be resubscribing!
Worth it!
by Kriselda written 24 days ago
My husband and I love going to escape rooms! This box was fantastic as part of a game night we hosted and muuuuuuch cheaper than 6 people going in person. Very well done, definitely continuing to subscribe and ordering some of the earlier boxes.
Great experience!
by Jessica written 25 days ago
I'm an experienced "escaper". I've done many actual escape rooms, board game escape rooms of different brands, paper escape rooms, and more. So, trust me when I say this is great! It has strong theme that you feel the entire time you play. It feels like a real escape room. The quality of the items in the box is outstanding. Only good things to say! The website has nicely recorded parts of the story to listen to while playing. It's definitely worth the money, and P.S. these are CHALLENGING escapes! We always get out of real escape rooms but we cut it close with the crate!
by Sherri written 28 days ago
We enjoyed the game and will purchase again. It was challenging but not impossible and well thought out.
A blast!!
by Marion written last month
My boyfriend and I love getting together with friends to play these boxes. The puzzles are well thought out and super fun!!
Love it!
by Richard written last month
We love escape rooms. We always look forward to getting this box in the mail!
This Couldn't Be Better!
by Rachel written last month
My puzzle hunt obsessed 10 year old son enjoyed his first Escape the Crate box more than I could have possibly hoped. He says, "I wish I could hug whoever thought to make these and then did!" The set-up was genius, the materials nicely done, and the website extras and hints just-right. This would be great to do as a family or with friends as a game night. The fact that the creators include instructions to reset the challenge for someone else to try makes this subscription even more lovable. We plan to go back and buy all the retired missions we missed and CANNOT WAIT for our next box to arrive. This is the perfect escape room/puzzle hunt experience.