Escape the Crate

An "escape the room" game in your own living room!

$29.99+ / 2 months

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5.0 of 5 stars
Such a great time!
by Brandon written 6 days ago
I have done escape rooms, and several puzzle boxes. This is my favorite. Other boxes have a bit more production value, but this one has just enough to let the puzzles really shine. I have done 2 escapes and each one was unique with interesting puzzles. My only complaint is that it is only every other month. I would pay for every month if the quality stays the same.
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Fun Valentine's Day Gift
by Anna written 7 days ago
I bought Escape the Crate for my husband for Valentine's Day. We got the Bonnie and Clyde heist box. I thought it was really well done and worth the price of the box. There were many puzzles and "locations" (envelopes) to open and I liked how it was integrated with the website. We played for over two hours! The puzzles ranged in difficulty. Some we figured out quickly, for others we had to use the clues. My only complaint is that we found the last puzzle too difficult. Even when we replayed it and got the clues we still could not figure it all out, so that was pretty frustrating. Also we considered playing this with our kids, and I was very glad we did not try to play with them as it would have been much too difficult. I will definitely consider ordering another box for another occasion.
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by Amy written 9 days ago
This was so much fun. I got it for my husband for Valentine's Day, and we had a blast. I'm so impressed!!!
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by Vanessa written 9 days ago
We had a great time doing the Escape the Crate! The online hints did help for the times we were stuck.
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Great experience
by Melanie written 12 days ago
My teenage son and I tried our first Escape the Crate box last night and had a lot of fun. It was challenging and engaging. We love actual escape rooms but don't have any near us, so this is a fun alternative.
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Fun & Challenging
by Shawna written last month
My husband and I had a lot of fun working through the puzzles. I was impressed that the box came with so many little trinket extras that you use to solve some of the codes, and the storyline was interesting and fun. We avoided using the provided hints as much as we could, but occasionally the puzzle was challenging enough that we had to. We’re really looking forward to our next box!
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by Teresa written last month
I got my second box today, just in time for boardgame night. My group (we are 4) enjoys puzzle solving and we play a lot of Sherlock mysteries, Unlock, EXIT, Time Stories. This I must say is our favorite of the collection. Honestly, I'm so taken aback by the amount of work and story put into these little boxes that are worth their weight in gold. The second box was anything but a rehash of the first! Never boring and filled with so many "Aha!" moments. That i'll stay subscribed for as long as they have boxes to send!
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Awesome family night fun!
by Joe written 2 months ago
Our family had a great time with Escape the Crate! It was a fun activity to do with our 17 and 14 year old boys that didn't involve the XBox for a change. Thanks for the well done challenge!
Great game
by Helena written 2 months ago
Highly recommend Escape the Crate. Just like the escape the rooms games but you get to do it in the comfort of your home.
Our Second Box!!!!!
by Susan written 2 months ago
This has been THE perfect family game! We enjoy the challenge that both have offered!
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