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Specialty noodles on autopilot. Discover the best, most exotic noodles on the planet, every month. 

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  • Ships worldwide from United States
  • Subscriptions automatically renew. Cancel anytime
Exotic Noodles Delivered Right to Your Door
Discover delicious specialty noodles from around the world every month with Exotic Noods. Each delivery is packed with 4 exotic ramen products, bowls, and awesome coupons for our upcoming store.
  • 4 Exotic Ramen Bowls
  • Always something new and exciting
  • Varied styles, like Udon, Buckwheat Soba Noodles, Curry and Shio Soups
Subscriber Reviews
4.9 of 5 stars
Awesome Tasting Experience with Exotic Noods
by Aaron B written 2 years ago
Slurping up some delicious noodles from Exotic Noods. Loved the box and suggest it for any noodle lover!
Full Review
Wonderful Experience
by Kenneth written last year
I first got the single standard 4 pack option, just for kicks. I grew up on Top Ramen, so I wanted to see what was out there. To say the obvious, it was really good! Inside was the Tikka Masala curry flavor brothless noodles from Singapore, something called Sujebi, which looked like spicy ravioli, Kitsune "Foxy" Japanese udon and Kimchi Rice Noodles. My favorite for the tikka masala - never tried curry with noodles before! I'm now a big fan of the the combo. The Sujebi's spicy kick wakes you up for sure. If they keep offering new selections every single month, you may have found a new long term subscriber!
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The Thai "noods" are awesome!
by Katie written last year
My office is a jungle, filled with hungry nasty beasts I call my coworkers. When lunch time comes, its like a free for all in the cafeteria, with the good stuff usually gone before I arrive! That means I get to pick between a badly sliced salad with globs of mayo everywhere, or lame hamburgers that still show freezer burns. Lucky girl! Thankfully for me, I found ExoticNoods. I never knew there were so many instant noodles from Thailand! I really liked the Chanthaburi noodles I got last time. The description in the brochure that came with it made me want to visit when I can! I would definitely recommend this service!
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Yum, yum and yum!
by S written 2 years ago
These noodles are awesome! Someone in my office subscribed and asked if I wanted to split the 8 pack with them. I love spicy food, and these really woke me up. Its nice to have these in the pantry on cold nights when I need something warm and soupy, but don't want to brave the weather outside. My favorite was the Skipjack tuna Katsuo Udon noodles from Korea, the soup had such a kick! Time to order some just for me and stop sharing...
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