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4.9 of 5 stars
Engaging and total value
by Casandra written 21 days ago
This subscription is so much fun. The puzzles are engaging, challenging but not impossible. You're also being educated and getting to explore the world from your couch or desk. The content is high quality and its not stuffed with filler that you'll end up throwing away. There is a corresponding Facebook community with active users all ready and willing to help. I can't wait for next month!
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Worth it!
by Julie written 22 days ago
I've been looking for a monthly box that has a game feeling, but I didn't want an actual board game. I was also looking for something that my family could do together. Many of these crates were aimed at 5-10 year olds or some were very adult themed. Finders Seekers was the only one I found that was perfect for the whole family. Kids under 12 will definitely need help as many of the puzzles are challenging, however there is a help group on Facebook which actually is helpful! The puzzles are a varied mix of new puzzles and familiar ones (very hard mazes, 2 truths and 1 lie, etc). Another neat thing about Finders Seekers is that every box takes place in a different city around the world, so you get to learn a bit about the city and their culture while solving a mystery. As you solve one puzzle, it leads you to the next one like a treasure hunt. It's a lot of fun and definitely gets you thinking. Some puzzles are harder than others, but what I like is that everything is solvable. I don't like trying puzzles that less than 1% of the population can solve. These are certainly doable but are still fun and challenging.
Finders seekers
by Jeanne written 23 days ago
So much fun! I couldn’t put the packet down. I have already extended my subscription!!
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Marvelous family fun
by Bernadette written last month
We were very impressed by the depth and intricacy of the puzzles. We are a gaming/puzzle-loving family, and we were pleased that the puzzles were far from simplistic. Our daughter is 13 and the puzzles were right on target for her. The puzzles are about as difficult as a medium sudoku level, with a blend of both intuitive and logical puzzles. The backdrop of the puzzles was a very entertaining and very educational story. We learned a lot about China and the Chinese alphabet, and even have a lovely silk scarf for a souvenir. One tiny note for those who are thinking about a subscription: you'll need the internet in order to solve the puzzles, so this project isn't going to work during an electronics-free retreat. Overall, this was a delightful family-time box. It took us about 2 hours to solve, and we are eagerly anticipating the next one.
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First puzzle
by jim written 2 months ago
This first puzzle has been keeping everyone busy. The intended recipient, 10 year old boy, is enjoying the puzzles. The shirt is an exceptional masterpiece in illusion. Great job in finding this. We are eagerly anticipating the box next month.
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Clever game
by Ellen written 3 months ago
Played this wth friends. This was a really well-thought out game and was entertaining! We had 6 participants which was a good amount. Some clues were a bit more challenging but the Facebook group did give some good hints without giving up too much.
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Great quality!
by Teresa written 3 months ago
The puzzles are unique and of great quality, everything feels legitimate and high-end! This is great for those who like geocaching and don't like to be bound by time constraints. I would recommend, the less people you play with the more enjoyment you get out of it. This is not an escape room type box and up to three people is probably best.
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So much fun!
by Kathy written 5 months ago
I wasn't sure what to expect when I ordered, but when it arrived, I was so delighted. The items are high quality and the puzzles are challenging, but not frustrating. I love learning about the history and sites of the different cities. I just purchased boxes for all of my grown kids. Such a great family activity!
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Date night approved!
by Eugene written 6 months ago
My wife and I are really into board games and exploring new places around the world and so we thought we would give Finders Seekers a shot. The first box was challenging but fun. We really had to rely on each other to solve the puzzles as we made our way through the city. The contents and props were really well done, and added to the quality and overall feel to the box. We were happily surprised and are excited for next month's adventure!
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