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Too easy, <45min total time to solve

Jan 31, 2020
Craig P.
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Our first box was the wrigley field case mystery from 1935 and we found it way to easy. Had to find 9 guilty individuals, through 9 different puzzles. Each puzzle took about 1-5min, and on the first few we scratched our heads because we were thinking there is no way each puzzle could be that easy and straight forward, so we looked for the next layer.. well there was no next layer, and they are that easy. I signed up for 6 boxes and regretting that now. My fingers are crossed that future boxes are more difficult.

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Mar 18, 2019
Hanneke N.
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Can't get past the first few clues. Very irritating and time consuming. Not fun. Was a Christmas gift, waste of money. Sad.

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