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Spark awe! Model nature's beautiful patterns with materials, math, code & art. For careers in sciences, arts, coding & cinema! Get STEAM skills by modeling included natural specimens. Unbox wonder!
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Share the Wonder! Beautiful Math, Code & Art!

Awe & wonder drive kids aged 9+ (and their adults!) to learn math, art, science, code, geometry, and modeling in an integrated, beautiful way. Includes natural specimens, online models, booklets, 90+ videos complimenting monthly box themes. 6+ month subscriptions, get "Modeling with Beautiful Math, Code, and Art" (a $200 course for free)!
  • A monthly kit of adventures exploring beautiful patterns of life, from the perspective of all STEM and STEAM subjects
  • Our eco-games, code, origami and art simulate spirals, stripes, flocks and other patterns in biology, ecology, or behavior. See the patterns also in natural wonders, such as real pine cones, shells, minerals, leaves, all included in the boxes
  • Beautiful Discovery boxes include easy access science-oriented games, drag-and-drop block code, stories and art activities for preteens, and also includes fascinating lessons for adults or teens
  • Each box comes with lessons for an adult or teen alone, or for a preteen with adult guidance. Ages 9 and up benefit most.
  • Like a forest walk or museum visit, Beautiful Discovery is accessible to all ages, yet endlessly stimulating the deeper one goes

Sneak Peek

Photo of Beautiful Discovery Box current box Frozen Fractals: deCODING snow patterns

Frozen Fractals: deCODING snow patterns

Exploring the patterns of snowflakes, frost fern and crystals. We examine real frost fern as it appears on windows, snowflakes, draw them with a scratch board. Make fern salt crystals in minutes (we include salts and dish). Model growth of snowflakes, ferns and trees, and code the models with simple drag and drop blocks. Looking deeply at nature's fractals, we examine the simple rules that give rise to frozen fractals and similar life patterns.

Order by September 30th to get this box!

Customer Questions (5)


Q: Seems like an excellent box but the $25/box postage to the UK makes it too expensive!Asked by Stelios P., October 2021

Beautiful Discovery answered...October 2021

We looked into it and changed our UK shipping to $18.99/box. We never had an order from the UK before, and hope that helps. Thanks for asking and for your interest! Yes, we can ship you all the previous boxes. Hit "contact seller" to get in touch with us.

Beautiful Discovery can ship you all the previous boxes. Hit "contact seller" to get in touch.

by Christopher K., October 2021

Thank you! Any chance I can order all the previous boxes in the series? If yes, could you please contact me with pricing (including postage)?

by Stelios P., October 2021


Q: Why is shipping to Canada SO expensive?!?!!!!Asked by Shadi D., December 2020

Beautiful Discovery answered...December 2020

Shipping to Canada is now $15.99 per box. We just now changed this rate, so let us know of any issues or questions. Thanks for your question!


Q: Will we be able to also get the other boxes that have been sent prior to my signup?Asked by Cynthia G., April 2020

Yes, those boxes are among the ones we will send out. We also are adding new boxes, to extend past 12 monthly boxes. Thanks for your question. Hope this answer is helpful.

by Christopher K., April 2020


Q: really like this product, but the cost to ship to Canada using your carrier is too much. Could I provide a FedEx # and get free shipping to Toronto, Ontario Canada?Asked by Susan M., November 2019

Beautiful Discovery answered...November 2019

Thanks so much for this innovative idea about shipping, and for
appreciating our product. Sure, we can get you free shipping, since you are
paying your own carrier. We have created a coupon for you that gets you
free shipping when you order. To get the coupon code (and give us your
fedex account) email us using the Contact Seller button on our listing.
Thanks again for your interest,
Beautiful Discovery

Shipping to Canada is now $15.99 per box, whereas it was $25 before this December.

by Christopher K., December 2020

Just curious Susan, how much do you save on shipping to Canada using this technique?

by Justine D., December 2020

Reviews (15)

Beautiful Discovery is FANTASTIC!

Apr 26, 2021
Verified Purchase
Kimberly L.
1 Review
3 Pictures
1 Helpful
Subscribed for 5 months

This is a FANTASTIC subscription box! We are homeschoolers and I have a tween who loves science, patterns, and nature and this box has the most wonderful combinations of all three! I was specifically looking for boxes for older kids, since many subscriptions are geared toward the younger elementary age group. Each box has *lots* of activities, experiments, and information - enough to spread out over the course of a month until the next box comes. I can't recommend Beautiful Discovery highly enough!

Beautiful Discovery said...May 01, 2021

That is so gratifying to hear! This review perfectly captures what our box should do for kids. We will be quoting this to reach others. Great photos too. Thank you so much!

So cool!

Apr 24, 2021
Alice P.
1 Review

I love the Beautiful Discovery boxes. My middle and high school children have loved exploring each box especially since they have been stuck at home. The hands-on objects are always the first things examined and then we all want to know what pattern or math concept we could possibly be learning about.
I have artistic girls who, while good at math, find their schools' curriculums rather boring and there never seems to be any "isn't this cool!" stuff. They also don't get to experience the beauty of math, literally and figuratively. These boxes help bring their awareness to the power and prevalence of math outside of skills needed to pass standardized testing.
As an elementary teacher, I have loved having ideas to use in my classroom to entice those who feel they aren't "good" at math find mathematical access, relevance, or just plain fun.
Thank you for perfectly themed and curated boxes!

Beautiful Discovery said...Apr 26, 2021

Thanks! Your description of our box is beautifully written, better than our own description. We are thrilled your artistic girls are experiencing the beauty and power of math.

Good overall

Feb 13, 2021
Verified Purchase
Sharon K.
1 Review
Subscribed for 3 months

Items in the box are good, but there is too much reading involved.

Truly beautiful discoveries!

Sep 21, 2020
Verified Purchase
Cynthia G.
1 Review
Subscribed for 6 months

My kids and I love all of the boxes we have received! They really are beautiful discoveries! The packaging is enticing, the materials are beautiful, and the activities are all so unique. We are so glad we discovered this subscription, and we recommend it to everyone!

Beautiful Discovery said...Apr 26, 2021

Thanks so much!

My favourite math+art subscription!

Aug 04, 2020
Verified Purchase
Sandra Z.
1 Review
Subscribed for 7 months

My favourite subscription! My only 4-star is due to shipping to Canada - I wish I could get it free, but it is completely understandable :) Luckily, I can ship to my sister in the US because as a math teacher and art lover, I find these boxes to be the perfect fit in showing the connections between the two areas. I searched (for weeks!) for something that would inspire my own lesson plans and this does exactly that. Thank you for the thought put into designing these activities. With all the research I do on my end to connect art to STEM fields, you have taught me even more! Thank you so much and please continue these - I look forward to many more boxes :)

Beautiful Discovery said...Apr 26, 2021

Thank you! What you've done with the boxes is just what we hoped would happen. Yes, the art of math and math of art is what inspired us too. We did lower shipping to Canada as you suggested.

Fabulous for STEM-oriented older kids!

Jul 06, 2020
Verified Purchase
Nicole M.
1 Review
Subscribed for 3 months

This was a fabulous box for an older (I'd recommend 10+) STEM oriented child! My 11 year old son is very smart, loves Math, and has mild ASD (so in his case, patterns, codes, logic endlessly intrigues him). He had aged out of many of the other subscription crate options, and those that required complex fine motor/building skills (Tinker Crate, etc) were not his top strength. But the concepts here were new to him, and even enticed him to paint/draw/craft. This crate helped him decide STEAM (with the Art added) might be as great as STEM :) 5 stars!

Beautiful Discovery said...Jul 06, 2020

This is very gratifying to hear! The benefits and experience you described for your son are exactly why we make these boxes!

Great for older kids too!

Dec 15, 2019
Verified Purchase
Sara M.
1 Review
4 Helpful
Subscribed for 8 months

I love this product! So many different options, and different ways to explore it!
I tried it with my friends' two kids: A 14 year old who is super into science, but doesn't think of themselves as creative AND an 11 year old artists who "isn't that into science". They both loved it, AND they worked on it together, making up their own games with it! Total win! Strongly recommended.

Beautiful Discovery said...Apr 26, 2021

Thank you! That is so great to hear.

Original Items You Can't Get Elsewhere!

Dec 29, 2019
Kelly T.
1 Review
1 Helpful

High quality products, all original items that you can't get anywhere else!

Beautiful Discovery said...Apr 26, 2021


A Wonderful Birthday present!

Sep 11, 2019
Verified Purchase
Rhea B.
1 Review
2 Helpful
Subscribed for 3 months

Dear Chris & Kathy,
I wanted to let you know how much my 10 yr. old granddaughter is enjoying her Discovery Box! It was a Birthday present. After looking through the contents, she immediately started to organize the items. She made folders & labeled them and put the pictures in; she labeled boxes for shells and other items and she also made a T-chart to record her observations. She is enjoying it immensely! She was so excited to learn that she will be receiving another "NEW" Beautiful Discovery box next month! Thank you both; you've done a wonderful job!

Great for Math!

Jun 05, 2019
Verified Purchase
Rachael N.
1 Review
1 Helpful
Subscribed for 1 month

This is a really cool box. If you're someone like me who often has trouble grasping mathematical concepts as they are often taught in classrooms, then the contents of this box may help you or your student. It presents math concepts in ways that are concrete and hands-on. Everything inside is beautiful, too!

Photos from reviews of Beautiful Discovery Box

Past boxes from Beautiful Discovery Box

Secret Code of Flowers: Golden Ratio Spirals

Secret Code of Flowers: Golden Ratio Spirals

Learn about the golden ratio and spirals in nature, with drag and drop code, painting spirals, a real daisy, science booklet, origami, real pine cones, and pine cone mobile. Our materials, supplemented with movies and computer models, give you an intuitive feel for the golden angle, irrational numbers, and why the number of spirals in flowers and pine cones are Fibonacci numbers.

deCODING 3D & perspective

deCODING 3D & perspective

With our 3D glasses and viewing mounts, you can make your own three-dimensional drawings. A great way to learn about perspective drawing, parallax and other 3D mechanisms. Comes with 3D slides, drawing exercises, code and bonus 3D images online with your phone. We will go beyond the three dimensions, adding three color dimensions, learning how computers generate shades of colors.

Simplicity of Symmetry: Regular Polyhedra & logarithmic spirals

Simplicity of Symmetry: Regular Polyhedra & logarithmic spirals

Explore elegant symmetrical patterns constructed with simple rules. These include sparkly and crystal clear “Platonic solids" and logarithmic spirals. See these patterns in the enclosed real fluorite crystal and an ammonite fossil. Make these patterns with easy drag & drop code.

Grazers and Hunters: Art & Science of Predator-Prey Ecosystems

Grazers and Hunters: Art & Science of Predator-Prey Ecosystems

Look deeply at the beautiful patterns of elk and wolves, with art and science. Draw the fur patterns with pastels. Get a feel for the ecosystem with a dynamic game, where you try to gain the most elk and grass through strategic grazing and hunting. The beautiful cardboard game has a code version, which is a model of a predator-prey ecosystem. Start with easy drag and drop code, and move onto analysis.

Barely Balanced: Decoding Ecosystems

Barely Balanced: Decoding Ecosystems

This board game is a barely balanced ecosystem. Try to tip it in your favor. Comes with coding blocks, instructional movies, online computer models, , real sand dollar, paper starfish mobile, colored pencils, art instruction for underwater scene.

deCODING nature's spots & stripes with art & science

deCODING nature's spots & stripes with art & science

With art and code, explore simple models generating diverse patterns on animal fur, feathers, and flocks. Learn techniques of painting and sketching with art projects celebrating the patterns. Includes models, real feather, transparent grid, paint, canvas, dye, dish and glue. Paint a closeup of a snowy owl, and use code to model of flock. For fun we model an owl flock from Harry Potter.

Heavenly Harmony: Pendulums and Music of the Spheres

Heavenly Harmony: Pendulums and Music of the Spheres

Find out what orbits in our solar system have in common with music. This box includes harmonic motion pendulums, paint for a glow in the dark Mimas moon, a pendulum that glows its oscillations, code, pan pipes that illustrate mathematics of music. As in music, the solar system orbits show ratios of two to one, three to two and four to three.

DeCODING bubbles and bees

DeCODING bubbles and bees

Discover why bees make hexagons. By making containers, explore why hexagons are the most efficient use of material. See soap bubbles form hexagons when packed. With a wax resist drawing of a honeycomb, celebrate the beautify of beehives and explore the hydrophobic nature of wax. Comes with wasp nest sample, and sheet of beeswax.

Parabolas and Paraboloids

Parabolas and Paraboloids

The parabola is a pattern hidden throughout nature. Get an intuitive feel for this by making 3D models of parabolas and paraboloids using origami, stick frames, and cones, Also includes science booklet and drag and drop code.

Decoding Nature's Broken Symmetries

Decoding Nature's Broken Symmetries

From flowers to crystals to atomic particles, nature abounds with broken symmetries. Play with floral shapes, making 3D models with broken symmetry, the Trillium flower, the hexagonal Mountain Laurel. Included is a pyritohedral piece of iron pyrite and a large model of the pyritohedron (a dodecahedron with some symmetry broken). See how reducing symmetry opens up new practical possibilities and new beauty.

Monkey See Monkey Do

Monkey See Monkey Do

When a Vervet monkey sees several others eating a blue berry, he tends to eat blue berries. If the monkey moves to a new group where they eat pink berries, the Vervets will eat pink berries. We use simple Scratch code to model this "monkey see monkey do" behavior. We also explore the beauty of the Vervets and their berries with a drawing projects. We'll also paint a blueberry using blueberry pastes prepared as acid and base mixtures.

Decoding Clustering in Shells & Crabs

Decoding Clustering in Shells & Crabs

Birds of a feather flocking together, a kind of segregation, generates patterns of spots and patches. Fiddler crabs flock in this way, for example. More complex patterns of spots and stripes occur on the surface of shells. This box explores these patterns with crabs, shells, and a game model of segregation.

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