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So many roses

Feb 28, 2019
Rebecca M.
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Maybe its February and I'm being too picky but I was disappointed by all the roses. I was really hoping for some big, beautiful, farm style bouquet with flowers I've never heard of that fill my house with wonderful smells. Instead I got a perfectly average, perfectly fine bouquet of roses and carnations.

The packaging is perfect, secure in the box and hard to crush. The flower bottoms were wrapped in rich dirt and there wasn't a touch of brown on anything. Clear instructions and most of the blooms are young enough that they'll keep blooming for ages. The Rose's are even dethroned, which is nice, even came with the flower food, often forgotten.
This would be a perfect gift for a new mom or for a housewife who has just moved or just about any other thoughtful occasion but not for me. I'd rather spend the extra time to get something really special.

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