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4.7 of 5 stars
by Heidi written 2 months ago
You sent me three boxes only won't one box
Box FULL of great, NEW books!
by Marelis written 7 months ago
I just received my April box of books and I am SOLD. This book box contained 3 mass market paperbacks (2 romance, 1 cozy mystery), 1 trade paperback (chicklit?), and 1 hardcover (mystery). It also contained 2 ebooks (1 romance and 1 cozy mystery). I am super excited about most of the books. I love romance and cozy mystery books. The ones in my box are all very recent and when I went to Barnes and Noble, I saw the prices and all together, the books are way over the price of the box. My only reservation about this box is that they I did receive a mystery book (NOT a cozy at all!) which I don't actually read, so I will have to gift it to a friend. Hopefully, in the future, they will send more more romance/cozy type books. All in all, this box is so much fun. It made my spring break full of great, fun reads. I will be continuing my subscription for a few more months in the hopes that I will keep getting awesome romances.
Same old, Same old
by susan written 8 months ago
I've gotten used to this box. Of the book books they send, half of them are ones I like and will read and the other half are billionaire alpha businessmen or rock stars or sheikhs. Hate those books. I'd rather read about some shifter or vampire than a billionaire, and I don't really care for the paranormal that much. I wish there was some way to encourage the selection of what I like.
Great box
by Melissa written 9 months ago
If you're looking for a good quality box that's not expensive, this is the one. They usually include 3 books and at least 3 digital copies, plus lots of goodies. This box was my first ever book subscription box I've tried. Great for the price and lovely to unwind
Great Box
by Megan written last year
I received my first box a few days ago, and I loved it! I definitely feel like I got some great books (print and digital) for the price I paid. And a lot of the books are new releases, some aren't even out yet. That just makes it more unique. Looking forward to my next box!
Special Edition Box
by Veronica written last year
I ordered a special edition box which was great! I have been keeping my eye out for another one!
by Rebecca written last year
I loved it! Great boom choices and i love the little swag you get with it! II'm getting my second box today and I can't wait!
by Sara written 2 years ago
Great box for book lovers! I started this box because I was looking for new books- especially books as I have gone almost all digital. With 5-6 ebooks this embed perfect. You get one print book, 5-6 ebooks and author swag- including a bag for those of us who are book bag hoarders. I read romance and mystery so this was great! And I just received a book that just release and was shopping and considering downloading to my Nook. If you post pictures of your box on social media you are auto entered to win a free swag bag of book goodies. This is my third month getting the box and it has just gotten better each month- will keep going for a while.