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Unique Box With Variety of Genres
by Jaime written Jul 31, 2018
I love this subscription! The book choices vary from historical and contemporary romance to women's fiction. I like not knowing exactly which genres will be included each month because it gives me a chance to read books I might not have chosen or known about. The additional e-books add to the value of the box, which is generally way above the cost. I would recommend this box to anyone who likes a wider range of genres and appreciates a higher value subscription.
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by Kristen written Jun 30, 2018
I subscribe to a few different services and as a whole I liked this one. I only kept it for a few months as I kept getting one really Christian book. I know genres are subjective, and honestly the mix of books here is really good. I just couldn’t justify the price with knowing one book in the mix immediately was a genre not for me. For those subgenres that are more polarizing it would be great to be able to opt out of a category or two.
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by Rachel written Jun 05, 2018
Only chose one box, Only got one box, was charged for three. Tried to get in contact with the seller but it keeps saying unknown error. Would not recommend to anyone.
by Kim written May 31, 2018
Let be the many choiced
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Love this box
by Kim written May 31, 2018
I get several and this one is a favorite
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by Gina written Feb 28, 2018
Overall I think this subscription box is an awesome deal. However, I found it strange that I received a Christian Fiction book in my box. I don't have anything against the genre but I'm not Christian and didn't see anything on their website that suggested the box would include Christian Fiction. Everything else I received looks like something I'll enjoy reading though.
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Fresh Fiction Box Not to Miss said...
Mar 01, 2018
Thank you for your thoughtful review. We include all aspects of romance in the Fresh Fiction Box Not to Miss, from inspirational romance to erotica. We know readers have diverse taste when it comes to new books. If you are ever curious about the books we included in our past boxes, you can go to our website,, to see more.
Received Used books
by Kristina written Jan 18, 2018
Wasn't the best subscription due to every book being used and receiving codes that were already expired for eBooks.
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Fresh Fiction Box Not to Miss said...
Jan 23, 2018
Happy 2018! We're sorry to hear the box we shipped you back in April 2017 wasn't what you expected and that you had difficulty with some of the contents. We include new books and advance review copies, early editions, in the box. Sometimes books are damaged in transit, if you send us picture evidence we will replace your books. Since it has been so long since your purchase, we no longer have the books included in your box in stock. We would be unable to replace like for like, but we can send books which will be included in the upcoming box. The eBooks we include in the box are only available for a limited time and must be downloaded within a month of receipt. If any subscriber ever has an issue, we can be reached at
by Heidi written Sep 28, 2017
You sent me three boxes only won't one box
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Box FULL of great, NEW books!
by Marelis written Apr 04, 2017
I just received my April box of books and I am SOLD. This book box contained 3 mass market paperbacks (2 romance, 1 cozy mystery), 1 trade paperback (chicklit?), and 1 hardcover (mystery). It also contained 2 ebooks (1 romance and 1 cozy mystery). I am super excited about most of the books. I love romance and cozy mystery books. The ones in my box are all very recent and when I went to Barnes and Noble, I saw the prices and all together, the books are way over the price of the box. My only reservation about this box is that they I did receive a mystery book (NOT a cozy at all!) which I don't actually read, so I will have to gift it to a friend. Hopefully, in the future, they will send more more romance/cozy type books. All in all, this box is so much fun. It made my spring break full of great, fun reads. I will be continuing my subscription for a few more months in the hopes that I will keep getting awesome romances.
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Same old, Same old
by susan written Mar 05, 2017
I've gotten used to this box. Of the book books they send, half of them are ones I like and will read and the other half are billionaire alpha businessmen or rock stars or sheikhs. Hate those books. I'd rather read about some shifter or vampire than a billionaire, and I don't really care for the paranormal that much. I wish there was some way to encourage the selection of what I like.
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