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I got the pet pro box

Mar 12, 2021
Angie L.
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I got the pet pro box and multiple items in the box were meant for humans not pets. Even had an item with chocolate in it, which was totally unacceptable. I'm going to try again and hope they are more responsible with the items they include in the next box.
I just got my second box and this one had even less items for my pets. Only two items were meant for pets. Such a disappointment. I cancelled my subscription and will be trying one of the other CBD box companies.

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Hemp Crate Co said...Mar 26, 2021

Hi Angie,
We reached out to you via email but explaining here for any potential readers:
Our Furry Friends boxes are companion boxes. We try to spell this out clearly on our website. The pet gets a few items and Mom & Dad get a few items, as well. Fun for all! In this instance, the peanut butter cookies were for you. Only the items marketed for pets are for them. Hope this helps clear up the misunderstanding!
- Lowell

Customer service

Apr 27, 2021
Alzbeta S.
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If only I could give 0 STARS

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Hemp Crate Co said...Jun 02, 2021

For others reading this review....this individual is a scammer. This is not even her real name. She has been reported and blocked by Cratejoy.

Hempa the Explorer Pro is BUST no bueno!

May 07, 2020
Richard S.
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Bait & switch. Ordered a Hempa Explorer Pro box & received three full sized items and two travel sized items and three sample sized items. How can this be $69?? How can it even be $39 with a promo code? Look at the images as your oder and it is not aligned. Total disappointment. Very misleading & deceptive. NO THANKS!

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Hemp Crate Co said...May 07, 2020

Hey Rich,
Thanks for expressing your concerns! As we discussed over email, your box was over $125 in value that you received for $39. I'll list those items that you received once more below:
Redeem Mint Tincture - $69.99
CBD Living Freeze - $29.99
Lazarus 10 Capsules - $6.99
CBDMD Bath Bomb - $6.99
Green Roads Sleepy Z Gummies - $9.99
Wallowa White Tea 50MG - $3.99
Mayderm Sport Pack - $2.99
Hemp Crate Lip Balm - $2.99
Total retail value - $126
Unfortunately CBD is still rather expensive but the costs are always decreasing and we provide the best value in the industry. Additionally, since you expressed your concerns we sent you a prepaid return label on our dime and will fully refund you once we get our product returned to us.
We're confused...


Apr 16, 2020
Alison R.
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Subscribed for 4 days

I ordered April 12th and received the box for March (which I knew I didn’t want). Would like a refund at this point.... not your old box no one purchased....

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Hemp Crate Co said...Apr 20, 2020

Hi Alison,
We tried to reach you over email and phone to talk about this issue but we haven't gotten a reply on either. Here at Hemp Crate Co we take our customer service extremely seriously so we want to make this right for you. We do things differently here compared to most subscription boxes. Each customer gets the same general first box within their selected box, then the same second box, third box and so on. This allows us to take customers on a CBD journey and make sure each customer is exposed to a variety of products and brands while not repeating products and brands. This is why you got the same box as someone else in a different month, because everyone gets...